Raspberry Pi GPS using Python by Herb Norbom (.PDF) download

Download Raspberry Pi GPS using Python by Herb Norbom (.PDF)
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Overview: Congratulations on selecting the Raspberry Pi! These programs have been developed on the Raspberry Pi 3. They have been tested on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. You are going to have a lot of fun developing programs and inventing new uses. This book will give you the tools to get your PI's GPS up and running. The compete printed Python source code is included. The electronic or digitized code is available for an additional fee and for a limited time. The book takes you in steps through the connection process to the completion of your program. Included are the steps to operate your Pi remotely, or from a hard wire ether-net connection (direct connection) to your Laptop. The process for computing distance using the Haversine Formula is included along with simple examples to provide an understanding of the concept. When you have finished this project I believe you will have greatly increased your knowledge of the Global Positioning System, computer interconnections, and Python. The programs use Python standard modules that are available without cost. Where modules or programs need to be installed information is provided to assist you. The book provides good information and options for your choices on running the programs. For example you can choose to run from a Windows PC or a Ubuntu-Linux PC or from the Pi's console. Also you can run the programs from a wireless remote connection or through a router or over a direct ether-net connection. This book is an updated version of “Raspberry Pi GPS using Python For Windows and Debian-Linux”. There have been numerous changes since the original book was published. Python3 is now supported for the Python module gps3. The inclusion of VNC with the Raspbian OS greatly simplifies remote viewing (running headless). For those of you into Geocaching you will be able to load your desired locations prior to your search. While traveling to them you can easily compute the distance remaining.
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Download Raspberry Pi GPS using Python by Herb Norbom (.PDF)

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