Tempus Reduc by J M Allen (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW)

Download ebook Tempus Reduc by J M Allen (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW)

Add: 25-11-2017, 11:12 | Views: 26

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 1.4MB Overview: The patrol ship Estoque is sent to investigate a mysterious space station on the edge of the solar system. All but one of the station's crew have vanished, communications are down and something terrible lurks in the shadows. As the would-be rescuers start to vanish into the dark can the remaining crew of the Estoque understand what is happening before it takes them all? Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy Download link 1 Download link 2...

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The Nightblade Epic Box Set by Garrett Robinson (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Nightblade Epic Box Set by Garrett Robinson (.ePUB)+

Add: 24-11-2017, 19:41 | Views: 39

Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI .AZW3 Reader | 3 MB Overview: Loren is a girl like any other—but with dreams larger than all the nine lands. Loren has grown up in the forests of the kingdom of Selvan, raised by cruel parents who see her only as a burden to be married off as quickly as possible. But driven by whispered tales around campfires in her youth, she has always dreamed of something greater. And something darker as well. After fifteen years of toil, when the wishes of her heart have very nearly died...

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Zombie Wake by Storm J. Helicer (.ePUB)

Download ebook Zombie Wake by Storm J. Helicer (.ePUB)

Add: 24-11-2017, 18:55 | Views: 27

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 100 KB Overview: When Park Ranger Storm Helicer responds to a nighttime wild animal call, he finds more than an angry three legged bear. Using muscle memory from his training and a good friends timeless advice, Ranger Helicer adapts enforcement tactics to deal with the deadly zombie menace. Zombie Wake is the first in a series that tracks Helicer's memoirs. Set along California's Gaviota coast, this campy zombie eShort story takes Storm to an atrocious wake of death. Genre:...

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Dark Guardian series by Ammar Habib (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Download ebook Dark Guardian series by Ammar Habib (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Add: 24-11-2017, 13:23 | Views: 23

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 3.9 Mb Overview: Ammar Habib is an award winning & bestselling author who presently resides in his hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas. Writing has always been a passion of Ammar’s. He enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining, but also have something useful to say to the reader. Genre: Supernatural Thriller Long Nights: Ethan Daniels is The Guardian, the vigilante who haunts the nightmares of every criminal in Crown City. Set between the first two novels...

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Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan (.ePUB)

Download ebook Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan (.ePUB)

Add: 22-11-2017, 20:32 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.8MB Overview: On remote Rollrock Island, the sea-witch Misskaella discovers she can draw a girl from the heart of a seal. So, for a price, any man might buy himself a bride; an irresistibly enchanting sea-wife. But what cost will be borne by the people of Rollrock—the men, the women, the children—once Misskaella sets her heart on doing such a thing? Margo Lanagan weaves an extraordinary tale of desire and revenge, of loyalty, heartache and human weakness, and of the...

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Wind Magic by Nicolette Jinks (.ePUB)

Download ebook Wind Magic by Nicolette Jinks (.ePUB)

Add: 21-11-2017, 20:35 | Views: 17

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 380 kB Overview: When bogey-buster Feraline Swift fell into a client’s trap, she uncovered a terrible secret, died, and was brought back with magic that wouldn’t do as it was told. Now defending herself and her reputation from Commandant Cole’s inquisition, she must prove that she’s sane—and that black magic exists in the highest places. The rescue of a man from Commandant Cole’s dungeon tosses Fera into the middle of Death’s business, like...

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The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson (.ePUB)

Add: 20-11-2017, 10:22 | Views: 16

Requirements: Epub Reader, 1.5MB Overview: WHEN HEAVEN AND HELL DON’T EXIST…WHAT DOES? Space Shuttle Conundrum collides with empty atmosphere, passing from known reality into the realm beyond life. At the same time, a dead newborn is resurrected amidst a hospital-wide poltergeist infestation. What connects these ghastly occurrences, and how can the fate of humanity rest on a single boy’s shoulders? As the haunted Douglas Stanton spends his adolescence an outcast—his only friend the ghost of a...

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Codename by Apollos Thorne (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Download ebook Codename by Apollos Thorne (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Add: 18-11-2017, 14:29 | Views: 32

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 809KB | Retail Overview: War is coming. The government must accelerate their super soldier program. They have pushed beyond what was thought possible and developed a new Virtual Reality system; the perfect tool to weed out and train recruits. There is another problem. Every soldier has already been sorted and those found to possess the "talent" are already in training. There just aren't enough. That is why Codename: Freedom has been developed. It's time they...

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Dark Priest by Dale Vice (.ePUB)

Download ebook Dark Priest by Dale Vice (.ePUB)

Add: 17-11-2017, 18:55 | Views: 26

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.19 mb Overview: REVENGE. THAT’S ALL CHANDOR WANTS. Chandor has spent four years training with the Guardians, an elite order of holy knights, famed throughout the land for the miraculous powers granted to them by the Gods. With his novitiate complete, he starts hunting the monster that brutally murdered his family. But as he follows the trail of destruction from magnificent cities to ruined castles, past dragon lairs and through dwarven strongholds, he sees the...

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Soldiers of Zed by W.R. Peden (.ePUB)

Download ebook Soldiers of Zed by W.R. Peden (.ePUB)

Add: 17-11-2017, 15:06 | Views: 26

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.4MB Overview: Cordell Banks finds himself without his family or any memory of recent events. He stands alone in a world gone mad. what has happened to the world? He ventures out into the zombie filled Ozarks of Missouri with survival and locating his family as his only concern now. He meets a quasi-military organization whom claim to be the only hope, and a young kid who has no idea what is going on with no survival skills but becomes one of Cordell's greatest assets. Soon...

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Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta (.ePUB)

Download ebook Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta (.ePUB)

Add: 16-11-2017, 17:38 | Views: 28

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1.27 MB | Version: Retail Overview: An amazing, award-winning speculative fiction début novel by a major new talent, in the vein of Ursula K. Le Guin. Global warming has changed the world's geography and its politics. Wars are waged over water, and China rules Europe, including the Scandinavian Union, which is occupied by the power state of New Qian. In this far north place, seventeen-year-old Noria Kaitio is learning to become a tea master like her father, a position that...

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Momentary Stasis by P.R. Adams (.ePUB)

Download ebook Momentary Stasis by P.R. Adams (.ePUB)

Add: 16-11-2017, 10:24 | Views: 27

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 422 kB Overview: World peace can be deadly. Humans discover alien technology and start colonizing worlds outside the solar system. Genetic modification produces miracles. Science advances the human condition. And, for the first time in history, the nations of the world have achieved real peace with each other. But only the elite truly benefit from all the advancements. Most people are still trapped on an Earth ruined by chemical pollution, nuclear accidents, and chaotic weather...

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A Hole in Time (Time Loop #2) by Clark Graham (.ePUB)

Download ebook A Hole in Time (Time Loop #2) by Clark Graham (.ePUB)

Add: 15-11-2017, 20:35 | Views: 21

Requirements: .ePUB reader I 612 KB Overview: Major Robert Dalton swallowed involuntarily. After his crash, he vowed he would never fly again. Now he would be flying into the past in a new plane was designed travel to travel through time. The mission was going to fail. He knew that. It was more than a premonition. His assignment: Kill Hitler. Stop the Holocaust before it starts. No one knew what the consequences of changing the time-line. Would he destroy everything and everyone in the process? Book 1: ...

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Danse Macabre by Nancy Kilpatrick et al (.ePUB)

Download ebook Danse Macabre by Nancy Kilpatrick et al (.ePUB)

Add: 15-11-2017, 14:54 | Views: 21

Requirements: Epub Reader, 548KB | Overview: "Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With the Reaper" could be one of the most unusual anthologies you'll ever read! Twenty-three literary reflections embody the theme, classical artwork devoted to the spectrum of humanity's intriguing interactions with the Angel of Death in all of his/her manifestations. Danse Macabre By Ian Emberson The Secret Engravings By Lisa Morton Death in the Family By Morgan Dempsey Blue-Black Night By Timothy Reynolds La Senora...

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The Brotherhood of the Rabbit by Jose Miguel Vasquez (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Brotherhood of the Rabbit by Jose Miguel Vasquez (.ePUB)

Add: 14-11-2017, 17:20 | Views: 22

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 364 kB Overview: A successful writer’s life takes a fatal turn by receiving the news that he has an inoperable brain tumor. His ten-year-old son, the center of his life, is emotionally and financially dependent on him. Peter survives a risky operation, but life has another surprise in store for him. With the removal of the tumor, he receives the singular gift of turning what he writes into reality, becoming the target of powerful groups, who see him as an opportunity to...

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The Whistler by Stephanie Johnson (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Whistler by Stephanie Johnson (.ePUB)

Add: 14-11-2017, 15:35 | Views: 20

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 300 kB | Version: Retail Overview: A brilliant novel about history, the forgetting and rewriting of it, and a satire on a society that has lost compassion in the process.Smooch is a 'Whistler', a genetically altered lapdog with special talents, including the ability to remember his previous incarnations and to communicate directly from his brain by electronically downloading his thoughts onto disc. Smooch has been reincarnated many times, and has lived on many of the great...

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Faithless by Graham Austin-King (.ePUB)

Download ebook Faithless by Graham Austin-King (.ePUB)

Add: 13-11-2017, 12:00 | Views: 18

Requirements: Epub reader, 465 Kb Overview: The temples of the Forgefather have fallen. The clerics and defenders that could once be found across the nine lands are no more. Priests huddle in the great temple, clinging to the echoes of their lost religion. But the Father has fallen silent. There are none who still hear his voice. The mines of Aspiration lie far below the temple's marble halls. Slaves toil in the blackness, striving to earn their way into the church and the light. Wynn has been sold into...

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1635: Music & Murder by David Carrico (.ePUB)

Download ebook 1635: Music & Murder by David Carrico (.ePUB)

Add: 10-11-2017, 19:18 | Views: 25

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 606 kb Overview: 1635: Murder and Music. Music . . . It's been said that musicians live for the next new sound. Well, the musicians of Europe were presented with the biggest new sound ever when the Ring of Fire brought the future back to 1631. What will the court musicians think when they hear Bach, Stravinsky, and the Beatles? What will the street and tavern musicians think when faced with Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Nirvana? Things don't go smoothly for Marla Linder and her...

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War for the Planet of the Apes by Greg Cox (.ePUB)

Download ebook War for the Planet of the Apes by Greg Cox (.ePUB)

Add: 10-11-2017, 14:04 | Views: 18

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 833KB | Retail Overview: Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet. Genre: Fiction...

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Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny (.ePUB)

Download ebook Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny (.ePUB)

Add: 9-11-2017, 15:07 | Views: 21

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 718 kB Overview: Time is a weapon wielded by the rich, who have excess of it, against the rest, who must trade every breath of it against the promise of another day's food and shelter. What kind of world have we made, where human beings can live centuries if only they can afford the fix? What kind of creatures have we become? The same as we always were, but keener. In the ancient heart of Oxford University, the ultra-rich celebrate their vastly extended lifespans. But a few...

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The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler (.ePUB)

Add: 9-11-2017, 14:30 | Views: 23

Requirements: Epub Reader, 580KB Overview: Fifteen-year-old Jackson is different from the other children at the Foundling Hospital. Scales sometimes cover his arms. Tentacles coil just below his skin. Despite this Jackson tries to fit in with the other children. He tries to be normal for Sister Jerome Grace and the priests. But when a woman asks for a boy like him, all that changes. His name is pinned to his jacket and an orphan train whisks him across the country to Macquarie’s. At...

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The Infected: Death Sentence by Joseph Zuko (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Infected: Death Sentence by Joseph Zuko (.ePUB)

Add: 8-11-2017, 20:58 | Views: 20

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 340 kb Overview: Jim and Karen are finally reunited, but a new horror is on the horizon. Zombie hoards are around every corner. Every moment is a fight for their lives. Will they make it another day? Or is this apocalypse a death sentence they won't survive? Genre: Horror | Zombie Apocalypse Download link 1 Mirror: Download link 2...

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Dead Beginnings: Volume 2 by Alex Apostol (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Download ebook Dead Beginnings: Volume 2 by Alex Apostol (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Add: 8-11-2017, 14:36 | Views: 13

Requirements: .ePUB and/or .AZW3 Reader, 272KB Overview: Lee Hickey came to America from Ireland with a dream of helping others. As a nurse, sickness and death is a part of his everyday life. But when the zombie apocalypse breaks out he sees disease in a whole new light. As people change before his eyes in the hospital, he has to fight to escape. His pregnant wife needs him. But can a man whose purpose in life is to help others really kill to survive? Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Horror Download link 1 ...

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The Shattered Vigil by Patrick W. Carr (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Shattered Vigil by Patrick W. Carr (.ePUB)

Add: 3-11-2017, 20:03 | Views: 27

Requirements: Epub reader, 4.82 Mb Overview: Victory over the dark forces during the feast of Bas-solas should have guaranteed safety for the continent. Instead, Willet and the rest of the Vigil discover they've been outsmarted by those seeking to unleash the evil that inhabits the Darkwater. Jorgen, the member of the Vigil assigned to Frayel, has gone missing, and new attacks have struck at the six kingdoms' ability to defend themselves. Just when the Vigil thought they had quenched the menace from...

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Blood Sacrifice (Blood Sisters #3) by Jill Cooper (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Blood Sacrifice (Blood Sisters #3) by Jill Cooper (.ePUB)+

Add: 3-11-2017, 12:45 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 1.1MB Overview: Lourdes has been slain and the new queen of the underworld has been chosen. It was the day the Blood sisters had been striving for. The day where they would be free of Lourdes and could go back to living normal lives, but with the underworld’s throne empty, the Earth plunges into chaos. Rivers turn black, demons run amok, with more chaos is about to be unleashed. All the while demon hunter, Duncan Jasper, is prisoner of the enemy. Jessica...

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The Hawk In Winter by Bekah Clark (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Hawk In Winter by Bekah Clark (.ePUB)

Add: 1-11-2017, 20:12 | Views: 14

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 347 kb Overview: Stepping aside eighteen years ago, Maevan’s mother had chosen exile rather than a war she could not win. Now, Mae is taken to live in the Summer Palace with the very woman who took everything away from her family. Like her mother and sisters, Maevan wants to regain the throne that belongs to them. Like any teenage girl, she wants the boy she loves to return her feelings. But, far greater is at stake than love. Surrounded by her enemies, Maevan has to...

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Crosstalk by Connie Willis (.ePUB)

Download ebook Crosstalk by Connie Willis (.ePUB)

Add: 27-10-2017, 11:38 | Views: 14

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.92 mb Overview: Briddey is about to get exactly what she thinks she wants... Briddey is a high-powered exec in the mobile phone industry, overseeing new products from concept ('anything to beat the new apple phone') to delivery. And she works with her wonderful partner, Trent. They've been together for six magical weeks, in a whirlwind of flowers, dinners, laughter and now comes the icing on the cake: not a weekend away or a proposal but something even better. An EDD. A...

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Daggers & Steele Series by Alex P. Berg (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Download ebook Daggers & Steele Series by Alex P. Berg (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Add: 24-10-2017, 20:27 | Views: 41

Requirements: Any .ePUB or .MOBI Reader - Book 1: 619KB Book 2: 640KB Overview: Alex P. Berg is a mystery, fantasy, and science fiction writer and the author of such works as Red Hot Steele and The Genesis Allegory. He's also a scientist with a Ph. D. in nuclear engineering and a discerning heavy metal aficionado. Werewolves. Vampires. Zombies. Detective Jake Daggers believes in them all. But when an aristocrat disappears from her home amid a tide of supernatural whispers, Daggers suspects money is more...

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Which Witch is Wild by Kerrigan Byrne et al. (.ePUB)

Download ebook Which Witch is Wild by Kerrigan Byrne et al. (.ePUB)

Add: 21-10-2017, 19:12 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 424 KB Overview: Aerin So you played with some dark magic, what’s the worst that could happen? For Aerin de Moray and her sisters, it’s that witch hunters are no longer a 400 year-old problem. What is a girl to do with this new threat when she’s already trying to coral zombies, fight a she-devil with a penchant for possession, all while attempting to thwart the prophesied apocalypse? You keep your sisters close, and your enemies closer… like in your bed....

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Soul Razor by W. A. Benjamin (.ePUB)

Download ebook Soul Razor by W. A. Benjamin (.ePUB)

Add: 20-10-2017, 20:12 | Views: 15

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 544 kB Overview: On the Island of Soto an average boy takes an average school field trip to the capitol city of Grand Sofeto. There he meets a mysterious girl who tells him that he is a “Soul Razor,” a human who has the ability to summon various weapons from thin air. Now he and the other soul razors are on a suicide mission to assassinate the president of a billion-dollar company that is slowly killing the planet. It isn’t going to be easy though, as they...

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