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Overview: Her husband lied. Her husband cheated. Her husband tried to kill her. Now everyone around her is dead.

Moments after Riley Collins hangs up her badge, destiny takes a sinister turn resulting in what some are calling the Manic Shift. Now nearly two years later, after narrowly escaping death and apocalyptic fallout (marriage included), Riley’s risking her stayer status to find her brother. To reach him, Riley’s going to have to discover the hero in herself, crossing hundreds of chaotic miles, entering lawless towns, fighting the infected and protecting the innocent. If traveling companions, hallucinations and post Shift demons aren’t enough to derail her, storm and seduction, for which no hero has time, threatens to stop her all together. Hot paramilitary Jack Colton may see Riley as trouble, but it’s his enemy about to make her life a living hell.

Now, Riley is at odds with Jack’s ruthless predator, if not the devils’ advocate, who’s hunting for a queen to rule his hell. Held against her will, there are no holds strong enough to keep her from her family, or Jack. Unable to wait for help, Riley awakens the hero she set out to be, confronting the evil, which will stop at nothing to destroy their lives.

Riley’s unstoppable character is designed to draw adults, mostly women, into her incredible journey as she proves her extraordinary will to survive adversity. NOT ALONE is a story of survival, demonstrated through perilous times of change, and conflict between good and evil.
Genre: Fiction | Sci-fi/Fantasy

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Download Not Alone by Kolleen Bookey (.ePUB)(.AZW)

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