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Overview: D.J. Butler wrote a lot of rock songs before he ever completed a decent novel. The only one he ever got paid for was "WalMart Loves You, Anyway," which he sent on CD to the entire WalMart board of directors, and for which he was sent a $25 WalMart Gift Card. He spent the loot with gusto. Butler writes speculative fiction of all sorts for all ages. For right now, you can read his Rock Band Fights Evil and City of the Saints series, but more is coming soon.
1859; war looms over the United States.
Intelligence agents converge on the Kingdom of Deseret in the Rocky Mountains. Sam Clemens, leading the U.S. Army's expedition aboard his amphibious steam-truck the Jim Smiley, has a mission: to ensure that the Kingdom, with its air-ships and rumored phlogiston guns, brain children of the Madman Orson Pratt, enters on the side of the United States and peace.Can he outrace and outmaneuver his British competitors, anxious to protect their cotton trade? And where are the agents of the treasonous, clandestine Confederate leadership? And why does the Madman seem to be playing his own game?

Sam Clemens arrives first in the Great Salt Lake City, and quickly becomes embroiled in events beyond his understanding or control. Meanwhile, Edgar Allan Poe faces off against an old nemesis, and the rift between the North and South comes to Deseret.Is Sam being played for a fool by the Madman Pratt? Will Poe's disguise withstand the scrutiny of his foes? And when the chips are down, which side will Richard Burton choose?

Sam Clemens, Porter Rockwell, and Brigham Young have been kidnapped. As they struggle to escape, former enemies join forces to come to their rescue.Who will win the duel to the death between Tamerlane O'Shaughnessy and Jed Coltrane? Will Richard Burton, Edgar Allan Poe, and the femmes fatales of Deseret's counterintelligence service be a match for the Danite conspiracy that threatens the Kingdom? And will the heroes unravel Orson Pratt's plan before it destroys them all?

Edgar Allan Poe is at death's door. He, Richard Burton, and their companions lie imprisoned in the cells of the Madman Pratt as he prepares to launch his air-ship fleet to bombard the Great Salt Lake City.Meanwhile, Sam Clemens and Brigham Young race across the Salt Lake Valley in the carriage of a Mexican Strider, desperate to get out the message that Young is not dead, and the victim of a coup.War threatens; battle erupts; the phlogiston guns begin to fire. Can the heroes avert disaster, and will any of them survive?

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Download City Of The Saints series by D.J. Butler (.ePUB)

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