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Download Dark Needs by Brian Moreland (.ePUB)
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Overview: Every vice has a terrifying price...
In this horror short story collection of three twisted tales, award-winning author Brian Moreland explores the obsessions of desperate people who cross boundaries into dark places to fulfill their deepest needs.

The Dealer of Needs - Addicted to a dangerous new drug, vice cop Alex Decker searches the seedy side of Hollywood for a legendary dealer who can fulfill anyone's needs.

Offspring - Driven to get what she wants most, New York journalist Cara Klein travels to the backwoods of New Jersey's Pine Barrens to a mystical place where whatever you wish for comes true.

Holomorphs - A lonely man discovers what happens when he goes deep into a new social media app where the “friends” aren’t who they seem to be.

Beast of Winter - In the remote wilderness of Manitoba, Canada, terror strikes the hearts of two hunters who encounter a deadly predator.

Chasing the Dragon - Nick Meyers searches Hong Kong’s underworld for his missing lover, a Chinese woman whose life was just as much a riddle as her disappearance.

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Download Dark Needs by Brian Moreland (.ePUB)

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