An Empire Falls series by Harry Leighton (.ePUB)(.AZW3) download

Download An Empire Falls series by Harry Leighton (.ePUB)(.AZW3)
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Overview: Harry Leighton is the author of the epic fantasy series An Empire Falls.
“Hold still. It might hurt now but you’ll be a different person in the morning.”
Marlen is a healer. Mending people is his life. But they are so fragile… why wouldn’t he use his skills to make people ‘better’? Better than new. Stronger, faster, more resilient... and ‘grateful’.
Jonas is a hunter. He’s being doing it for most of his life, but his quarries are people rather than beasts. Now later in years, he’s taking his young apprentice on one last hunt, tracking someone dangerous from his past and hopefully laying to rest his greatest regret.
Three men are on the run from the authorities high and low but cannot ignore family. When Daeholf’s cousin goes missing, they are compelled to track him, and deal with whatever horrors they find at the end of the trail...

“The wicked must be punished.”
The Nightwalker is the most famous serial killer in the city’s long history. But the killings have seemingly been at random and the authorities have had little success tracking him. Or her?
On the run again, this time from a mess perhaps of their own making, Daeholf, Trimas and Zedek find themselves in Bastion, an outpost city on the northern edge of the empire. But all is not what it seems…
Elena is a watch sergeant; she’d be a captain if she hadn’t put family before her career.
When she’s assigned the case of the Nightwalker she must be on her toes: who is more dangerous - the killer or the city’s deadly politics?
Thieftaker Vika has the city in her grip. Criminal gangs are being wiped out wholesale. But maybe that grip isn’t quite as certain as she thought.

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Download An Empire Falls series by Harry Leighton (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

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