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Download Drift by E.M. Whittaker (.ePUB)
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Overview: Synthetic drugs sold by the Zodiac Cartel uproot a dark past Aviere Mye buried.
After recovering from Vinny McSeeten’s murderous spree throughout Baltimore City, Aviere Mye just wants to enjoy her last night of medical leave before returning to work. However, what should have been a peaceful meeting between Aviere and her race sponsor, Louis Armandi, instead ends with a drug-related death inside the Tethered Mistress and a bittersweet reunion with her partner.
As Aviere and her unit receive their next assignment, several curveballs are thrown her way…including the addition of Karyn Greene into her life. Aviere’s assignment to have the Zodiac Cartel eliminated is complicated by her brothers’ growing adoration of Karyn as well as the fact that Aviere’s partners want to arrest Limere, who started the Zodiac Cartel years before.
Armed with the promise of expunging the charges against Limere and receiving more information about her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Aviere charges into the investigation, hoping to solve their case—as well as her personal problems—within their ten-day deadline. But when Travis’ growing powers threaten them all and Peters tries undermining her authority, Aviere’s only salvation is Limere… the person who caused her problems in the first place.
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

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Download Drift by E.M. Whittaker (.ePUB)

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