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Download The Dying & The Dead 2 by Jack Jewis (.ePUB)+
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Overview: An Outbreak that destroyed the world…
A gene that granted immunity to some…
An empire that hunts them for their flesh…
The Capita spread their talons across the Mainland, destroying survivor settlements and killing any who won’t join them. They hunt those who are immune to the virus and transport them to Camp Dam Marsh, where the flesh will be stripped from their bodies and used to cure people who have been bitten by the infected.
Eric and Kim find themselves on a train bound for Dam Marsh. He knows that his mum and sister may have been taken there when they were captured by the bounty hunter, Charles Bull. Kim wants nothing more than to escape and find her own mother. Dam Marsh is run by Doctor Scarsgill and an old man named Goral Vitch. They are dark men with nasty secrets, and neither will let the children leave there alive.
Kim’s mum, Heather, is halfway across the Mainland in the company of Charles Bull. She needs to find her daughter, but the bounty hunter is the only person who can guide her there. As much as she despises him, she knows she will have to try and trust the loathsome man.
Ed and Bethelyn have escaped Golgoth island and are on The Savage’s boat. They are crossing the Albusian sea when a storm hits and they wash up on the shores of Loch-Deep, a dark place where a terrible creature is said to live.
Can Ed and Bethelyn trust the cannibalistic Savage enough to let him lead them out? Will Ed find his brother James, who for years he thought was dead?
Will Eric and Kim escape Camp Dam Marsh?
Is Heather going to keep Charles Bull under control long enough to find her daughter?
Genre: Horror

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Download The Dying & The Dead 2 by Jack Jewis (.ePUB)+

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