Fear the Dead Box Set (1-4) by Jack Lewis (.ePUB)(.MOBI) download

Download Fear the Dead Box Set (1-4) by Jack Lewis (.ePUB)(.MOBI)
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Overview: I'm from Lancashire in the North of England, a landscape that I'm sure influenced Winterfell in Game of Thrones. I've written a couple of novels but I'm primarily a reader, it's a habit that my mum instilled in me by lending me Stephen King and Dean Koontz books that she kept in a suitcase in my parents room. I love a good story, beers in the sun, zombies, travel, beers in the sun, stroking a dog, medium-rare steak, beers in the sun. One day I plan on reading a zombie book in the sun with a beer on one side and a dog on the other, with a steak sizzling on the grill.
He wasn’t always like this; lonely, distrustful, the kind of man who’d take a fifty-mile detour to avoid a conversation. Watching the infected tear your wife apart will do that to you.

Fifteen years after the outbreak, Kyle has learned to survive. He lives one day to the next, avoiding the infected and the deadly stalkers as he travels to a farm. It was the last plan he and his wife made together and now, years into the apocalypse, he has decided to see it through no matter what he must do to get there.

When a na├»ve teenager called Justin tricks his way into Kyle’s company, his careful survival rules are shattered. Are Justin’s mistakes going to get them both killed? As they journey through a country filled with the undead and are pursued by a man-hunter named Torben, Kyle has to learn to trust others again. Both of their lives rest on it.

“Jack Lewis is now one of my favourite authors. I was so wrapped up in the story that i didn't want to put this book down. He made the characters come alive and draw you into the story. I would recommend this book to everyone to go to amazon and get this book right now. I can't wait to read the rest of this series and his other books.”

Kyle Vauss wants to build a safe haven from the horror of the infected. Vasey, the largest survivor town in the North, is the best chance they’ve got at staying alive.

Being anywhere else post-apocalypse means death. By day the zombie infected roam the streets, and at night the stalkers leave their nests to kill. Nobody knows what they are, or where they're from. But anyone caught outside after dark will find out how dangerous they can be.

A leader has to do dark things to stay alive, black things that leave a stain on their soul. Kyle doesn’t know if he has what it takes. He doesn’t know if he can lead the survivors out of the dark age. But there isn't just the infected to worry about. There are other things waiting to destroy it all.

A man who claims to have found a cure.

A survivor who is trying to tear the town apart.

A 500,000 strong army of infected headed in their direction.

The streets of Britain are awash with the infected ready to tear apart those unlucky enough to stray too close. But the infected are just the beginning. When the sun sets and the shadows creep over the earth, the stalkers leave their nests. Then the real horror of the apocalypse begins.

It’s been sixteen years since the outbreak and Kyle and his group of survivors have finally found a place worth fighting for. Run by the harsh leader Victoria, Bleakholt is a sanctuary for those who aren’t ready to die yet.

But sanctuaries aren’t always safe. There are men hungry for power, who will do anything to get it. Stalkers who prowl the fences and pick off the vulnerable. An old enemy who is waiting for his chance to strike.

If that wasn’t enough, half a million infected march forward, ready to wipe out anything in their path. Can Kyle and the others stop them? Is Bleakholt worth dying for?

In the Wilds, survival is the only thing you can hope for. To see another sunset without being bitten by the infected or hunted by the stalkers; that’s the best most people will ever get. Kyle and the others want more. They don’t just want to survive, they want to live. They have a small camp promises them hope in a world where it’s getting harder to find.

Then the bodies start appearing. Ripped open at the chest, organs removed, skin getting cold in the morning light. The survivors have a decision to make, and for some, the only solution seems to be to keep on moving.

If Kyle can’t discover what is mutilating the survivors, the camp will fall apart. When he and the others see something in the sky, they think they might find the answer.

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Download Fear the Dead Box Set (1-4) by Jack Lewis (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

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