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Overview: Mackenzie Morris writes fantasy and science fiction books. No BIO Available.
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy

Book One: Zodiac:Zodiac Cunningham and his sister Nova are dropped off in the middle of the night at a neighbor's house by their blood-covered father, Jarred, who promises to return for them in a week. Ten years go by and their father has been declared dead. They have had to grow up on the mystic and mythology-dominated planet of Olympus without any family to help them. The class system on the planet prohibits either of them from living their own lives. Only the light-haired pure Nymphs make the decisions and own the other citizens as slaves and servants.
Troy Adonis, a pure Nymph Royal Knight at the young age of nineteen and follower of the goddess Athena, is the lifelong friend of Zodiac and Nova. He is one of the possible heirs to the throne until their king reveals his true intentions of barbaric galactic conquest. With the assassination of their queen and a foreign military landing in droves, the Nymph culture and way of life are threatened. Troy must find a way to protect his people while defending his own honor. Falsely accused of horrific crimes, he is sentenced to fight in the arena. The victor gets to keep his life, but is sold into a life of slavery. Branded as a Forgotten, he has no choice but to fight.
Zodiac, Nova, and Troy all strive to find the answers to Jarred's disappearance, the mystery of self-aware nanobots that are trying to turn against the people who created them, the fate of the monarchy, and the sudden increase in violent clashes with the people closest to them.

Book Two:Nova: As the new oracle, Nova must obey the will of the nanobots speaking to her as well as follow the traditions of the oracle guards. This includes becoming the bride of the head guard, Dion. Is this the path her fate will force her to take? Or will Nova cut her own path and be reunited with the love of her life?
Uriel's true intentions come to light after he does the unthinkable to innocent people for his own selfish gains. He has been waiting for his chance to strike and now is the time he has decided to act. As part of his grand plan, he will mold a certain young boy into the living weapon he was designed to be. Someone is pulling the strings in this puppet show of corruption and deceit.
Pharaoh Hector of Kyro becomes a key player in the struggle for power on the planet of Olympus. The true cruelty of his nature is revealed when he gets his hands on his favorite slave who escaped five years ago. He won't make the same mistakes this time.
Zodiac finds a grander purpose as a spy for Chancellor Samuels of the IGR. With fathers as strong and combat-hardened as Jarred and Jayce, he has the potential to be a valuable agent for the Nymph resistance, as long as his pride doesn't drag him down.
Troy is forced to face his dark past that he has been trying to keep hidden and admit that even a prince can make grievous mistakes. Even in the name of justice, nothing is entirely black and white.

Book Three: Troy: Return to the arena!
Six years after defeating Evans and reluctantly leaving Olympus in the hands of Uriel, the Nymph rebellion finally develops a plan to reinstate Troy as king.
Recovering from the Ebola virus, Troy must find his inner strength in order to gain back his physical strength as well.
Orion has a family that he will go to any length to protect. As one of the tribe's green men, it is his duty to raise a family and defend life.
Silver continues to struggle with alcohol while trying to cope with not being able to save Paris from a life of torture.
The true face of evil is revealed as a new villain makes his presence known, putting everyone's plans on hold. His manipulation knows no boundaries, even to the point of reopening the arena fights and pitting friends against each other.
Will the Phoenix King rise from the ashes of his crumbling life and band together with the only friends he has left to save his planet and the Milky Way Galaxy?

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Download Paradise Forgotten Trilogy by Mackenzie Morris (.ePUB)+

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