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Download Trinity: The Complete Trilogy by Drew Avera (.ePUB)
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Overview: The Twin Cities Series is an urban fantasy series set in a world where the creatures of myth exist and they pose more of a threat than the average citizen really knows.
The Raven is more than the ruler of The Realms. He is something much darker!
The Raven is a vampire who thinks himself to be like God. His history is scarred by pain and misery and it has a harsh effect on his mind. Read this story in order to better understand where his madness truly lies.

Alexander Grimm killed his wife, but the woman he killed was no longer his wife, she was changed. Moments after her death, Alexander is led from his home and brought to The Realms. The Raven, a vampire who rules The Realms, condemns Alexander to a cell in his dungeon to await prosecution. As Grimm sits in the dark, dank cell he thinks about his wife’s last moments and the future for his daughter, Angelica. Grimm is presented with a choice, one that he little choice is accepting if he wants his daughter to survive.

Alexander Grimm has been sentenced to a life of servitude. His services are rendered to a man who calls himself The Raven, but he is more than a man. He is a vampire. Grimm has done The Raven's bidding for twenty years with the life of his daughter, Angelica, hanging in the balance. Someone in The Raven's Court has approached the man known in The Realms as "Mr. Grimm" with a choice: Continue killing for fear of losing his daughter, or give his life to ensure that The Raven can never hold her life in his hands again. Which will he choose?
Take a journey into the world known as The Realms, where the paranormal is more common than you think. Vampires rule more than just the night; they can rule your life.

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Download Trinity: The Complete Trilogy by Drew Avera (.ePUB)

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