5 books by Greg James (.ePUB) download

Download 5 books by Greg James (.ePUB)
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Overview: Greg James is a critically-acclaimed and best-selling self-published author. He was born in Essex and grew up along the south-east coast of England. He studied literature and media at university and has taught English as a foreign language in the Far East. He has written the acclaimed Vetala Cycle series and the best-selling Age of the Flame trilogy. He lives in London where he can be found writing into the small hours of the morning during the week, and sleeping in on Saturdays.
Emma Ashley has never liked clowns, so when she meets one on an afternoon walk through the woods she is certain he is up to no good. After he attacks her and she runs deeper into the woods, she discovers a conclave of clowns performing a sacrifice. Their leader appears to be the spawn of her childhood nightmares. How can a figment of her imagination have come to life? Will Emma escape with her sanity intact? Or, will she become another victim of the clowns outside?

John Greyerson is the same as you and me. He gets up in the morning. He goes to a tedious dayjob. He goes home afterwards and tries to forget about what his life has become. Every day the same. Not much changes. Little worth living for.
John Greyerson is not quite the same as you and me. He has met a ghost. Her name is Daria Lee and she has introduced him to the strange, twilight world which exists between sanity and nightmare, love and hate, sex and death.
John Greyerson is nothing at all like you and me. He has fallen in love with a ghost. He has also discovered that not only do the dead haunt the living but the living also haunt the dead – and no-one can be truly sure of what is real and what is not.

Come here, into the space that exists between the light and the dark...where a masked god plays with the blind puppet-folk who worship him...where a woman dying to get out of this life finds black salvation in an old shop across the street...where churches and theatres become places of dismal communion...where dreams and nightmares guide the unwitting and unwilling through the broken patterns of their lives. These are fragments, thoughts and memories of a shadow world that linger on in the brain after waking. These are the night's residue.

Jim Hendrice thinks he’s going insane, or worse. Unemployed and living alone – he’s no-one important; so why is he being followed? Why does he see mysterious faces staring at him from the windows of empty houses? Something is very wrong with the town of Sevengraves, but Jim only begins to understand how wrong when he sees a woman die – and becomes a suspect for her murder.

The Old School stood alone and abandoned on the edge of the Old Town, somewhere in the South-East of England. It was a place of horror and old nightmares; where shadows gathered and the silence was haunted by the voices of the dead. Clifton, Jenna and Louise are being drawn back to the Old School, drawn by something shaped from their own darkness and despair. It waits for them, it calls to them, and it yearns to take everything from them. Because it was once like them but now it is something else. Forgotten and unloved. Unforgiven and hated. It is the Thing Behind the Door.

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Download 5 books by Greg James (.ePUB)

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