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Download Outbreak series by Scott Shoyer (.ePUB)(.MOBI)
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Overview: I'm a horror writer who has no limits on where I go. My ideas come from everyday situations and then I put them through my twisted filter to hopefully shock and disgust you. My first novel, OUTBREAK: THE HUNGER, is now available from Severed Press. I love writing about zombies and more "human" monsters and have many ideas for more novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts (I even have a bizarre graphic novel about Steven Seagal as a time traveling, butt-kicker fighting evil). Slowly, I'm getting these warped ideas out of my head.
What starts off as a fun day at the zoo for John and his young daughter Fi quickly turns into a waking nightmare. Now they and a small group of survivors are fighting for their lives against a pack of animals that seem somehow altered. Was it nature or man who altered them? In a top secret research facility in Texas lies the answer. But will the scientists and soldiers find the answer before it’s too late and the infection spreads to Man? No one is safe from the hunger that grows inside!

It has been two years since the deadly virus swept across the world sparing neither animal nor human. The dead outnumber the living, and every day is a fight for survival. Walt and a group of former addicts fight for survival in the remote area around Spicewood, TX while trying to devise a plan to get to a safer location. A group of humans, led by Dan Wilder and George Butsko, come up with a plan that can destroy the creatures that now walk the earth, but they need to make the deadly journey to Spicewood, TX. But something is happening to the millions of zombies worldwide. They are changing and becoming something even stronger, smarter… deadlier. The fate of the human race can be found in Spicewood, TX, but will anyone survive the new mutation that is changing the dead. Will anyone survive, Outbreak: The Mutation?

The zombies have mutated … again!! Follow Wilder and Butsko in the third chapter of the Outbreak series as they continue to fight the ever-evolving zombies while attempting to save humanity. The remaining humans thought they saw the worst the zombies had to offer, but one final mutation unveils the true face of the enemy and what their true intent is. After failing to destroy the zombies in Outbreak: The Mutation, and after discovering the secret behind the zombie’s mutations, Wilder and Butsko switch gears and decide to bring the fight to the deadly horde. This is their last shot at saving the world. Will they be able to thwart the zombie’s endplay, or is the world doomed by the ravenous horde?

Outbreak series (Books 1-3): Download link 1
Book 3: Download link 2

Outbreak series (Books 1-3): Download link 3
Book 3: Download link 4

Download Outbreak series by Scott Shoyer (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

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