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Download Re-Civilize: Chad by Rebecca Besser (.ePUB)
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Overview: Chad hates everything about life. He hates his sister for being a brat, his parents for being in denial and pretending life is perfect, and the world he lives in for the adherence to social pressures and norms. He wants it all to go away.
When the zombie apocalypse wipes out the world he’s used to, he’s left aloneā€¦and bitten. He’s sure he’ll die and become one of the undead. Instead, he becomes severely sick and recoversā€¦still fully human.
Believing he can’t be the only exception, the only one immune to the zpoc virus, Chad goes out into the world to find others like himself. Once he does, he’s sucked into a plan to re-civilize for the good of all the survivors.
Chad and the other exceptions are expected to protect and provide for the weak and vulnerable survivors. He’s not sure he wants to take on the role expected of him in the new society, but he knows that if he refuses the survivors will die.
The fate of the human race weighs heavily on Chad’s young shoulders and he has to make a decision that he can live with in the new, re-civilized world.
Genre: Science Fiction Horror Post-Apocalyptic

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Download Re-Civilize: Chad by Rebecca Besser (.ePUB)

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