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Download 3 Books by Peter Styles (.ePUB)
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Overview: Hello everyone! My name is Peter Styles. I am a young new gay writer who is in love with reading and writing gay romance. I hope my stories keep you as entertained as much as I like writing them.
Jonah Burke is excited when he meets up with an old classmate of his, Davie Harrison, at the police station where he works. He's much less delighted when he realizes said classmate is dating an infamously violent criminal that is always in and out of jail. While trying to help protect Davie, Jonah also has to contend with a family who has refused to speak to him since he came out, an ex-girlfriend-turned-bestie, and a partner who doesn't understand why Jonah could ever want to date someone other than him. Along the way, Jonah starts to realize that maybe being the perpetual hero isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy but realistic ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Can he forgive and forget and give this Angel a second chance?

There are no such things as ghosts. Chance has always known that. After all, he's spent the last five years working in a cemetery. And when the sexy, brooding musician, Angel, tries to spook him, Chance knows that it's time to finally lose his dead-end job in the graveyard.

Thrill-seeking junkie, Angel, loves a little excitement. And when he goes a little too far, he knows that he needs to convince the attractive and charming, Chance to forgive him. With a little persuasion and sexual chemistry, Angel convinces Chance to embark upon a journey he'll never forget. As they travel the country and the farther they go, the closer they get. But once they reveal truths about their past, there's no turning back. Will this trip lead them to a place they can both call home?

In this 50,000-word gay romance novel, two men discover that the destination isn't nearly as hot as the journey. With strong sexual content, this epic love story will make you as hot as the Arizona desert. But when their pasts come back to haunt them, will they realize that the only ghosts that can hurt them are the ones they refuse to destroy?

Hurt and harassed, can his hero save him?

After a brutal sexual attack during his high school years, Harris Zelgman steers clear of the hustle and bustle of city life. Running his family's comic book store and casually dating his friend provide Harris with all the excitement he needs. When he's accosted and saved by a new hero, the Shadow Hunter, everything changes for Harris.

Seeking more security in a dangerous world, he enrolls in a self-defense class--where he learns more than he ever imagined. The instructor, Jonah, although strangely familiar, is sexier and more manly than anyone he's ever known. As the two men fight against the ills of society, they learn how to truly trust each other. But when Harris discovers the truth about Jonah, his trust in his new instructor is shattered. Will Jonah prove his love and dedication to Harris and be the real hero he's needed all along?

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One Last Chance
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I Need A Hero
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Download 3 Books by Peter Styles (.ePUB)

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