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Download 3 Books by Jo Barrett (.ePUB)
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Overview: Jo currently resides in North Carolina with her patient and supportive family while she juggles her writing career and her position as a programmer analyst. She has won numerous awards and continues to write whenever she can. Someday, she hopes to take off her programming hat and write full time. So many of her dreams have already come true. What's one more?
Eleanor Freemont owed her brother more than she could ever repay. He'd raised her after their parents were killed, but it was past time for her to grow up and be out on her own. Her painfully shy nature and her brother's over-protectiveness had kept her locked away for too long. Going out with Dustin Bass, a motorcycle riding stranger she'd dared make a date with at a stoplight, might just be her first step to independence. If only she can keep that date.

Sheriff Jake Conrad knew two things. Either the beautiful woman with the killer body and mule-headed nature had to leave town, or he was about to get his heart broken. Occupied with chasing some shifty drug traffickers, he had no time for an affair, and something warned him that with Christine Harper one night would never be enough. But when Chris gets caught up in the middle of his investigation, he has little doubt what the outcome will be.

Selena had a vast number of gentleman callers, as she was considered quite beautiful--and her father's wealth was an additional inducement for such attention, but she found it all rather tiresome. She was merely a woman, after all, not some paragon of perfection. And yet upon meeting Dr. Horace Kensington, a man stubbornly tight-lipped in regards to his work, she embarks on a mission to not only discover the truth about her father's illness , but to entice the handsome doctor himself.

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Download 3 Books by Jo Barrett (.ePUB)

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