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Download The Pandora Affair by Tiffany Toto (.ePUB)
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  • Category: Romance
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Overview: What happens when a gorgeous girl with a dark past meets the stylish young owner of the Pandora Bar and Grill?
Samantha has a secret. And she is hiding it from the man who has determined that he will win her heart at all costs.
James - The owner of “Pandora’s Bar and Grill”, captivated by Samantha’s beauty and intrigued by her wall of distrust and hatred for almost all men.
Tyler - The guy next door, the ultimate gay friend and the best person to deal with obnoxious people!
Roger - James’ best buddy, the manager of his bar, and also the guy who fought along with him in the Marines.
Alex - The dark and brooding maintenance man for Samantha’s building, he has more than just an interest in her.
All these characters come together to weave a tale of passion, love, friendship and lots of suspense!
Samantha reluctantly was pulled into James life. All seems to be going well when suddenly her past catches up with her. A shadow from long ago creeps into her life and then begins a very terrifying game…all the while, James holds back his stealthy passion for Samantha with all the self-control he can manage…and Alex can’t stop himself from lusting after her…
Samantha is confused…her untrusting heart wants to reach out to James but her mind keeps her away…She wants to feel his strong arms around her and yet when he finally does embrace her in passion…he leaves her behind…why?
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Download The Pandora Affair by Tiffany Toto (.ePUB)

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