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Download Pandoras Box by Shawn Luther (.ePUB)
  • Upload date: 8-09-2017, 14:18
  • Category: Romance
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Overview: My eyes travel the length of her five foot five well built frame. I paused briefly on her sheet covered breasts gently rising and falling with each breath.
The sight of her hypnotizes me.
Her beautiful black hair is short in the back with longer unruly bangs.
Behind her now closed eyes are a shocking bright blue.
Her face is softened with sleep, soft full lips slightly parted.
There was long scar that started at the middle of the cupids’ bow of her upper lip and ended just under her right nostril.
The scar, I would find out later, was a gift her bastard father had given her in a drunken rage when she was six.
The urge to kiss that scar was strong.
I wanted to kiss away all of the pain and sorrow she had ever felt.
Genre: Romance, Lesbian FF

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Download Pandoras Box by Shawn Luther (.ePUB)

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