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Overview: Let me start by stating what I do not write. Despite the fact that all but two of my books to date have been published by a company that specializes in M/M Romances, I definitely do not write romances. I think my books can better be characterized as mainstream gay fiction.
You won't find angst-ridden characters in my books who wallow in their feelings at every bump on the highway of life.
In my stories you will find strong characters who deal with life's problems pragmatically and often somewhat dispassionately—as in fact most people do in real life.
You will also find believable characters, characters who might even remind you of someone you know.
Adam Yancey is about to graduate from college, with a degree in music at the age of eighteen. He’s highly intelligent, totally goal-oriented, and anxious to begin working on a Master’s and then a Doctoral degree, so he can pursue a career as a concert organist.
But what he really dreams of is having a loving relationship with another man—a relationship like his father and his father’s partner have. Unfortunately, Adam has a secret. One he feels certain will prevent him from ever having such a relationship.
Buzz Patterson is a jock and a track star, and all he wants out of life is to get laid—as often as possible. Then one day, his buddies goad him into betting that he can find out if Adam’s long fingers fulfill the old saying about long fingers being an indication of length elsewhere.
Buzz has all summer to win the bet, and he begins to actively pursue Adam. Will he win the bet? Or will he wind up getting more than he bargained for?

Captain George Martin, with the occasional help of his partner Mike Foster, has handled many difficult cases during his career in law enforcement. When an employee of one of Mike's clients reaches out to them for help, they find themselves immersed in the complex world of money-laundering. George launches an investigation that ultimately exposes a money-laundering enterprise that is national in scope.Meanwhile, the Sheriff is planning yet another reorganization of the department, one that will mean a promotion for George, but will make it difficult for him to have the hands-on experience with cases that he's accustomed to.Just when he thought his plate was as full as it could possibly be, someone from his past rings his doorbell one evening, and his and Mike's lives are transformed once again.

Telepathic private investigator Quentin Q. Quasar and his partner Nate Braddock are back. They accidentally stumble on a series of kidnapping/murders, and begin to investigate. Eventually, the kidnappers snatch a young man from an Interstate rest area, and Quentin and Nate hear his telepathic cry for help. Armed with that information, they contact their friend George Martin at the sheriff’s office, and manage to catch the kidnappers before they’ve killed the victim. The intended victim was on his way to Orlando to join his boyfriend—also a telepath—who’d recently moved there to take a job.
Meanwhile, Nate’s grandparents fly into Jacksonville from Chattanooga, so Quentin and Nate can drive them to a hospital in Ocala. Nate’s mother has been in a state prison for women located near Ocala, and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the end of a series of hospital visits they encounter and capture the leader of the cult that Nate’s mother and stepfather belonged to. The cult leader and his wife, both of whom had jumped bail before their trials, had just administered poison to Nate’s mother, to keep her from making any sort of deathbed confession about the cult and its activities.

Happy birthday to you... now die. Someone is on a murder spree and it's up to Chief George Martin's team to find out who. The murders, which have taken place on the victims' birthdays, have occurred in not just Jacksonville, but also Orlando, and as far away as Asheville. Even when the team finds them, the clues don't seem to lead anywhere, especially when everyone seems to have an alibi. Eleven people have died, and the race is on to catch the killer before he strikes again.

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