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Download The Dalton Brides series by Cassie Hayes (.ePUB)(.AZW)
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Overview: Cassie Hayes grew up pretending she was Laura Ingalls (before that pesky Almonzo arrived on the scene) in the middle of Oregon farm country. She lives with her husband and cat on the Pacific Ocean and loves to hear from her readers.
Genre: Romance

The Drifter's Mail-Order Bride (The Dalton Brides Book 4): He was a drifter, through and through. Could he give up his wanderlust for a mail-order bride he didn’t know was coming?

Having grown up in the shadow of two beautiful sisters, ‘Scrawny Bonnie’ Blue knows she doesn’t stand a chance at landing a good man in Beckham, Massachusetts. The only way she’ll find a husband is by leaving her family behind to become a mail order bride. But when all three Blue sisters are swept up in a scandal, she has no choice to but to take ‘Gorgeous Gwen’ and ‘Lovely Libby’ with her…kicking and screaming, if she must.

Bart Dalton would be happy riding the range forever, but his brothers need his help to start a ranch in north Texas. He figures he’ll last a year or so before his feet get itchy again, which his brothers understand. As triplets, they can almost read each others’ minds. Except when his oldest brother ordered three brides for them. It would have been nice to have a little warning about that!

When Bart’s late to meet the train carrying the Blue sisters, his brothers get first dibs, leaving Bonnie standing alone and dejected once again. It only gets worse when her ‘intended’ finally shows up and balks at the idea of marrying her. The one thing Bonnie has going for her are her wits, and she puts them to good use by proposing a business arrangement that Bart can’t refuse.

Will Bart go back to his drifter ways, or is the elusive thing he’d searched for all his life sleeping in the next room?

Hank's Rescued Bride (Dalton Brides Book 5): She's a woman in need of a hero. Unfortunately, all she has is him.

Growing up in an orphanage, Maggie Bishop learned to never depend on anyone — except her sister, Mary. When Mary disappears after becoming a mail-order bride, Maggie suspects foul play and desperately needs help. But there’s a problem: The one person she can trust is the one person she despises most.

No woman in Beckham is immune to ‘Handsome Hank’ Blue’s considerable charms. Except for the beautiful, aloof and exasperating Maggie Bishop. The last time he spoke to her, he walked away with a handprint on his cheek! But Hank has bigger fish to fry.

Nearly two years have passed since he vowed to discover the secret of the evil men who eventually ruined the family business, and he isn’t any closer now than he was back then. So when Maggie tells him they are at the center of her sister’s disappearance, he jumps at the chance to uncover their dastardly plot.

As they search for her sister, Maggie discovers there’s more to Hank than just his pretty face and even prettier words. Only after Maggie is kidnapped does Hank realize there are more important things in life than vengeance. Will he rescue her before she’s lost forever or is he already too late?

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Download The Dalton Brides series by Cassie Hayes (.ePUB)(.AZW)

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