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Download Effortless by J.M. Lamp (.ePUB)
  • Upload date: 19-12-2017, 15:52
  • Category: Romance
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Overview: Samuel Erickson is having a nice night out with friends at his favorite pub in the city like he does most weekends. He’s past the idea of finding love again, and he is completely happy with the way his life is going. This night is different, however, because there is a new bartender at the pub named Oliver Hamilton who can’t keep his eyes off of Sam.

Oliver moved to the city to get away from a past that he doesn’t want to deal with, and he has sworn off the idea of dating again. His first night at his new job, he spots a cute-young Sam Erickson who he knows will, probably, only cause him pain in the end. Oliver has no idea, however, that he and Sam have a lot more in common than he knows and that Sam may just be what he needs to overcome the idea that love is just a fairytale.
Genre: Romance, MM

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Download Effortless by J.M. Lamp (.ePUB)

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