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Download Mail Order Bride series 1-2 by Lily Wilsp (.ePUB)
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Overview: Lily Wilspur is a historical romance author writing about mail order brides.
Nineteen-year-old Lou Ann Hawkins is on her way to Ogden, Utah, to meet her groom. But just as she prepares to get off the train to begin her new life, a man stops her. “Don’t go out there,” he warns her. “There’s a gun battle going on.” Trapped in the doorway of the train car, Lou Ann witnesses the horror of seeing a man gunned down in the middle of the street. But her horror grows when the townspeople and the passengers getting off the train flock around the killer, raise him onto their shoulders, and parade him through the town as a hero. When Lou Ann tries to report the murder to the sheriff, she gets another shock. The sheriff doesn’t care about the dead man and also proclaims the young killer a hero. He tells her the dead man was a notorious outlaw who terrorized the town for forty years. The people of the area have been praying for someone to kill him and deliver them from his predations.
Lou Ann begins to understand, but her world turns upside down once again when she arrives at the altar to marry her groom, only to discover that the man she has arranged to marry is the young gun fighter from the day before. At every turn, Lou Ann’s hopes and dreams for a new life out West fall apart, until she is forced to make the ultimate choice to claim her destiny.

Young Matthew Burke overhears the schoolyard bully bragging that his father, Noah, plans to steal the school master’s new mail order bride. No one dares cross the dreaded Bartlett family by interfering in their wicked business. But young Matthew loves the Master for his kindness and attention, and he risks everything to warn him of the Bartlett’s plans. He goes with the Master to meet Polly McLane at the train station, only to discover that Noah Bartlett has been there already. He has threatened Polly and the Master with death if they stand against him. He intends to come to the church on Sunday to stop their wedding and steal Polly for himself.
Matthew gets sucked into a web of lies and deception that will test his loyalty and inspire him to new heights of bravery to protect the innocent. From hopelessness to triumph, from victim to hero, Matthew and his friends overturn the tyranny of the Bartlett’s and cast away the shadows with new light. The final cataclysmic confrontation challenges all his preconceptions about his beloved School Master and the world in which he lives.

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Download Mail Order Bride series 1-2 by Lily Wilsp (.ePUB)

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