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Download Undercover Series by Alex Gilove (.ePUB)(.AZW3)
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Hard Evidence #1: By day, Action Lawson is your typical 9-to-5er in downtown Los Angeles.
He shakes his fist at the traffic, hates his boss and thinks his paycheck isn’t enough. But by night, on the weekends, Action Lawson is anything but typical. He is a rough-and-tumble, raunchy, righteous and authoritative biker who helps operate one of the oldest and most influential motorcycle clubs in L.A. Action handles all financial matters, and one day soon, he hopes Mikey V. (“The Boss”) will hire him full-time. He does a lot for the club like pays their taxes and keeps the gov’t and police away from Saw’s operation.
Before Mikey V. took over the club, it was a hell of a lot more illegitimate.
But at the turn of the century Mikey V. started running things, he recognized the club wouldn’t exist in five years if they didn’t go straight. The only long-term biker who resisted was Saw. To this day, him and his lowlife buddies still run with the Mexican cartel. Mikey V. and Action try to stay out of it and keep the club in the clear.
But one day, a gorgeous new biker named Derek is initiated into the club.
Action feels an instant attraction to Derek, even though he isn’t gay and has never been with a guy before. They have a welcoming party for the new members at The Mace (the club’s headquarters, a scroungy bar in TriBeCa) and after, Derek and Action hook up. They begin a torrid affair. But is Derek who he says he is?

No Borders #2: Isaac is an ex-drug smuggler that straighten up his life and living honestly now.. Having started up his own trucking company, and become somewhat of an internet sensation for his spontaneous charity runs, he now lives a peaceful life of travel.Everything changes when he is contacted by a hospital with some horrible news.His brother, Zane, has been badly beaten to within an inch of death. Isaac drops everything to go be with Zane, and discovers that Zane owes a great deal of money to a lot of bad people. He has no choice but to reach out to the cartel which did Zane in, and try to make a peace offering. The kingpin of the cartel wants him to make a dangerous shipment run to settle the debt, but Isaac knows he can’t do it alone and pays a visit to Darrell, an old smuggling partner and ex-boyfriend.Together, they will pit all their wits and expertise against the forces that would see them fail. But, can they really pull it off? And at what price?

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Download Undercover Series by Alex Gilove (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

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