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Download Alien Capture by Dena Christy (.ePUB)
  • Upload date: 6-01-2018, 19:48
  • Category: Romance
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Overview: Miranda Reynaud has been a good citizen of Nova Earth for her entire life. So what if there's little excitement in it, and little love in her future when she'll allow the government to choose her spouse for her. Her life is safe, and that's all that matters. At least, that's what she tells herself right up until the moment she sees him. The alien held captive in the lab she works in is unlike any man she's ever seen. He's tall, dark and gorgeous, but he also looks lost and alone. Her heart goes out to him, but there is nothing she can do, because helping him would bring her all kinds of trouble.

What was supposed to be a simple scouting mission has turned into a disaster for Synn Argysass. His pod has crashed on a strange planet, he wakes up naked in a strange room and the two warriors he was traveling with are gone. He has to get out, and thinks he has his way out when he sees the voluptuous Miranda. Something about her stirs him, and he finds he can't hurt her, no matter how much he wants to escape. Miranda tries to put the sexy alien out of her mind, but when she learns he's scheduled to be killed she can no longer be the good citizen she's always tried to be.
Genre: Romance, Science Fiction

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Download Alien Capture by Dena Christy (.ePUB)

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