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Download Aerial City series by Therese Woodson (.ePUB)
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Overview: Therese Woodson is a thirty-something writer of things who lives in the mountains of NC. She has a husband, three kids, three cats and three dogs. She likes to write about people falling in love. And spaceships.
Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

Clockwork Horizon (Aerial City, Book 1):As a major airship port, Aerial City welcomes visitors from all over the world. Despite being surrounded by new inventions and colorful people, Malachi Covington partakes of little outside his books and studies. He aches for adventure and excitement but labors under the rules and expectations of his wealthy uncle.Five airships arrive in port, keeping his uncle busy and, as Malachi’s best friend Millie reminds him, they’re carrying parties full of crew members. Excitement finds him in the form of Ian, a charming airship pilot who invites him to tour his ship, the Mockingbird. With Ian at his side, Malachi discovers a world beyond his books and takes daring steps to become his own man.

Clockwork Bargain (Aerial City, Book 2):Malachi Covington, sole heir to the Covington Shipping empire and raised sheltered by his uncle, has taken a daring step and departed as a crewman aboard the airship Mockingbird. He’s experiencing new places, new foods, and new cultures, and he’s in love for the first time. Life couldn’t be better.Of course, his good fortune cannot last. His companion and pilot, Ian Molloy, comes down with Swamp Water Fever, a life-threatening illness. During their desperate attempts to save him, the Mockingbird is set upon by airship pirates. Malachi must take drastic action and strike a bargain with the pirate captain to ensure Ian’s safety.

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Download Aerial City series by Therese Woodson (.ePUB)

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