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Download The Two Pawns by Immortal Angel (.ePUB)
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  • Category: Romance
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Overview: When Syri Moro is called from the Gardens of Virtue, she knows exactly what it means. Her husband-to-be, Rayden Oshier, is finally ready to take her as his bride. But when she is brought to his large starship, she is surprised to find nothing is the way she imagined.
Rayden has been missing for several years, gone to explore a new planet. And his father, Ruler of the Elementas, has been found poisoned in his suite.
If Syri can’t find Rayden in time, his bloodthirsty cousin will take over as ruler of the Elementas and claim her as his mate. Something she can’t allow, because it would mean the extinction of an entire intelligent species. So, as a last resort, she’s been given the task of finding Rayden.
Syri doesn’t know the powerful forces working against her, or that danger shadows her every step. All she wants is to find Rayden and save her people. But when she finally sees him again, while consumed by the uncontrollable need fueled by her mating frenzy, will she be too distracted to see the truth until it’s too late?
Can they fight their needs and triumph against evil to save themselves and the people of Earth? Or will the mating frenzy overcome them?
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Download The Two Pawns by Immortal Angel (.ePUB)

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