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Download The Billionaire Daddy by Emma Lea (.ePUB)
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  • Category: Romance
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Overview: Brooks Barry is a corporate shark and one of the youngest billionaires in Australia. For the last five years he’s travelled the world, buying up floundering businesses, streamlining them and then selling them off for profit. He was good at what he did, but there was something missing in his life. When one of his good friends falls in love, Brooks decides that maybe it’s time to come home and actually live in the mansion he’d built for his wife before she left him for her ex-boyfriend. Seeing Hunter and Bailey together makes Brooks think that maybe he could find that if he would only stop running from the heartbreak of his divorce.
Harper Fenwick has been a nanny for the last five years, but she’d never had to face this situation before. Her employer, Heather, has decided that she’s sick of being a single mother and instructs Harper to take her daughter, Piper, to her father, only he doesn’t know she exists. When she first lays eyes on Brooks Barry, she can barely get a word out due to a large part of her brain shutting down as lust takes over her frontal cortex. Now she has a major crush on her boss and she still has to explain about the five year old little girl who’s dying to meet him.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Download The Billionaire Daddy by Emma Lea (.ePUB)

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