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Download Second Wave Series by Mikayla Lane (.ePUB)
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Overview: Mikayla Lane was born at Cocoa Beach, Florida but currently lives in Tennessee. She studied at Colorado Technical University and became an indie author with the publication of Hunting Cari the first book in the First Wave Series.
Chris T’Alq was the oldest of Grai’s adopted Dranovian children and shouldered the burden of caring for his siblings and keeping them in line, so when he and an old, close friend had a drunken night of fun together, he didn’t think anything of it. But then the calls and texts started, and he believed he was being shaken down by who he’d thought was a trusted friend.
Quinn Williams had a terrible childhood, and the moment she turned 18, she left home to try and make a better life for herself. One night, she was rescued by the enigmatic and charming Chris T’Alq, and the two became inseparable friends. It was his friendship, strength, and kindness that got her through the hard first years of being alone. She never thought that one mistake would lead him to hate her and ignore her when she needed him the most.
Driven to desperation, Quinn agrees to go to a place for women in her situation with no idea that she handed herself and her baby over to the most dangerous man on the planet, the dark prime. Chris and his siblings will face their deadliest challenge yet to try and save the life of the woman he didn’t realize was his mate and the unborn child he never thought he could have.

With their team stuck at the base doing data searches as they hunt for where the dark prime disappeared to, Haruki T’Alq finds himself restless from inactivity and suffocating among his many siblings and three newborns. When a solo tracking mission falls into his lap, he grabs it like a lifeline and heads out to the Alaska Triangle in search of a potential bolt hole for Satalis.
Deanna Bostik was living the dream as the lead archeologist on the most important discovery the world would never know about. The only thing ruining her perfect world was that she couldn’t figure out how to power up the ancient device until the man who’d been haunting her dreams for months was captured at gun point outside of the mountain entrance.
Corruption, greed, and betrayal will leave them fighting for their lives, and Haruki will be forced to decide whether to save his mate or reveal the location of his Dranovian siblings . . . the only ones who can control the power of pyramid hidden in the mountain.

Book #4:
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Download Second Wave Series by Mikayla Lane (.ePUB)

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