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Download Tamarians series by Jessica Snow (.ePUB)+
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Overview: Jessica Snow is an exciting young author who lives in between fantastical worlds. When she's not off battling creatures of the night you can find her writing about her adventures or arguing with her evil step-mother. She writes about love and all things crazy. Vampires, werewolves, witches, the undead--you name it! She warmly welcomes you into the worlds she inhabits, but beware, they're not for the faint of heart!
Genre: Romance Sci-fi Paranormal

Red Planet: The Slave Queen (#1) He wants me to be his queen. And he won’t stop until I am.
I’ve been hailed leader of the Human Rebellion because I’m stuck with his royal highness, Alien Prince Tauren. As his jailor, I’m tasked with preventing his escape, but that might prove difficult.
Standing nearly seven feet tall, he’s massive, with hulking biceps, broad shoulders and packing a huge bulge beneath his loin cloth.
I should be repulsed by him, after all, he’s the prince of my oppressors and an alien beast. But strangely, I’m attracted to him. Every time I’m near him, all I can think about are those powerful hands roaming my body. I can’t resist. And if my kind knew how I lusted over him, they’d have me executed.
I’m conflicted and torn between my desire for his touch and the need for war. But worse than that, I’m hiding a terrible secret. A secret that could get us both killed.
I’m pregnant with his alien baby.

Red Planet: The Revolt (#2) She’s an Alien, but that won’t stop me from making her mine.
I’m a muscle-ripped gladiator and a leader of the human rebellion against Tamarian domination. I’ve spent most of my life fighting for justice and hating all Tamarians.
Until Kelbara.
With her redd-ish skin, gorgeous green eyes and delicate features, her body makes me dizzy with lust. I’ve never felt this way about a woman before, human or alien, and my fingers itch to explore every inch of her tempting, unearthly curves.
But it won’t be easy.
Her father has plans to destroy the newly liberated city and take control of the kingdom. And he’ll stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Even if it means killing his only daughter when she takes a stand against him.
I can’t let that happen.
I’ll protect Kelbara at all costs. Even if I have to kill every Tamarian and human that stands in my way.
Everyone will know. Kelbara belongs to me.

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Download Tamarians series by Jessica Snow (.ePUB)+

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