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Download Forever Midnight by Carol Suraci (.ePUB)
  • Upload date: 1-08-2017, 12:50
  • Category: Romance
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Overview: Mallory O'Neill is a typical nineteen-year-old college student at New York University. She's intelligent, driven, and beautiful. Surrounded by plenty of friends and a supportive family, Mallory appears to have it all. But not everything is as it seems. An evil presence has been lurking around the edges of Mallory's life, plotting to harm this lovely young woman for reasons unknown. When a young man with perfect features shows up in Mallory's life, appearing in a glowing mist of silver, he offers her help when she needs it most. Mallory has no idea where-or when-this man has come from, or even who he is. Yet she can't deny the increasing attraction she feels toward him-and his growing importance in her life. As the evil presence continues its attacks on Mallory's life, she learns more about the handsome stranger and his strange, dark past. Together, they must figure out who they each are and what they mean to each other before it's too late for their love-and all of humanity. An epic romance unbound by time or space, Forever Midnight will both delight and terrify fans of intelligent paranormal romantic adventures.
Genre: Romance, Paranormal

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Download Forever Midnight by Carol Suraci (.ePUB)

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