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Download 2 Novels by Jamie Athelstan (.ePUB)
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  • Category: Romance
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Overview: Jamie Athelstan writes gay romance with suspense elements and sports. No BIO Available.
Genre: Romance MM

Heart On Track: Dean is a star runner, studying on a scholarship. When he meets the rest of the track team for the first time, he can't help but notice Clarke - the strong, handsome rival who seems to be just as fast as Dean.
Throwing himself into training, Dean just wants to get faster - and to forget about Clarke, whose good looks and easy charm just won't get out of his mind. But when Clarke starts turning up to his solo training runs, temptation is far too close. Can he hold himself back from acting on his feelings? With Clarke seemingly determined to provoke him, Dean is balancing on a fine line between attraction and hate. He's never come out as gay, and he doesn't want anything to affect his performance as the star runner. The only thing he doesn't stop to wonder is why Clarke keeps turning up to run with him - why this handsome stranger doesn't seem to want to stay away...

The Accused: Jay Leneman worked hard to become the first openly gay partner at his law firm. Now he's representing a man who could be a killer - and whose looks could ruin his career.
Jay just can't stop thinking about Leo, his client. He's accused of killing his wife, who it turns out was really his lesbian best friend. If Jay manages to prove his innocence, it could be the case of his career. Not only that, but it would make his client available to date.
Now all he has to do is to solve what seems to be an open and shut case, deal with an army of witnesses determined to keep Leo and his late wife in the closet, and keep his hands off Leo until the case is over.

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Download 2 Novels by Jamie Athelstan (.ePUB)

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