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Author: Ishay Rosen-zvi and Orr Scharf  |  Isbn: 9789004210493  |  File size: 1.3 MB  |  Year: 2012  |  Pages: 294  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Religion

This study focuses on themes and texts quite different from those prevailing in previous scholarship. Unlike other works on Sotah, it does not concentrate on the "Rabbinic attitude towards women" (M. Halbertal, J. Hauptman), nor does it suggest an anthropological analysis of the ritual qua ritual (A. Destro) or track the transformations of its Biblical traditions (L. Grushcow). Rather, it analyzes the specific textual formation of Mishna Sotah itself. Accordingly, and in stark contrast to the eclectic attitude which characterized previous scholarship, this study concentrates on Mishna Sotah as a continuous and coherent text. Moreover, it discusses Mishna Sotah, as part and parcel of the textual formation of the Mishna as a whole, and of second century Tannaitic discourse in general, in which temple traditions and rituals occupy a central place. Such an attempt to contextualize temple ritual in the Mishna, was not conducted systematically in previous scholarship, neither in regard to tractate Sotah, nor, to the best of my knowledge, to any Mishnaic tractate. Therefore, it may shed new light not only on the specific theme of Sotah (and the issues of gender economy and sexual morality related to it), but, more generally, to the nascent scholarship of the place of the temple in the Mishna and, more generally, in Tannaitic discourse.

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