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Author: Silke-Maria Weineck  |  Isbn: 978-1628927894  |  File size: 974.7 KB  |  Year: 2014  |  Pages: 219  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Personality

The Tragedy of Fatherhood is a tour de force that will open new avenues of research. Although the pater familias is generally considered the model for all figures of authority, his position has gone largely unaddressed in criticism except from the vantage point of the son or the subservient subject. Silke Weineck's elegant and thought-provoking study lifts the father from the shadows and lets him speak as a figure that is at once powerful but vulnerable, the bedrock of the social order but also its most contested member. The book combines an enormous wealth of learning with grace and wit, and is written in a manner that should be the envy of all scholars in the humanities.

This fresh and original study turns our notions of paternal power and its dominance upside down to argue through texts from literature, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and political theory that history has been written mainly by the son, who is both heir and victim. Freud, Greek tragedy (Laius, Oedipus) and philosophy (Aristotle) are joined to the Hebrew Bible (Abraham), among others, in order to offer another set of readings, especially of German authors (Hofmannsthal, Lessing, Kleist) that will challenge the reader to think our familiar tropes anew.

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