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Overview: Ellen Hart is the author of twenty-eight crime novels in two different series. She is a five-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery, a three-time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Popular Fiction, a three-time winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award in several categories, a recipient of the Alice B Medal, and was made an official GLBT Literary Saint at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans in 2005.
Genre: Mystery, FF, Lesbian, LGBT

Hallowed Murder (#1): Jane Lawless is a woman at a crossroads - her lover has left, she has finally recovered from a vicious attack sustained last year, and the holidays are closing in. With no one to help her ring in the new year, Jane reluctantly agrees to accompany her good friend Cordelia Thorn on a peculiar holiday trip: Cordelia's estranged sister, Broadway star Octavia Thorn, has asked them to attend her wedding.
Octavia getting married is no surprise - she's done it three times before - but her candidate for hubby #4 certainly is. Roland Lester is a reclusive eighty-three-year-old retired Hollywood director, a relic from the golden age of Tinseltown with a controversial past. No one can understand how the two met, much less fell in love. When the bodies start to drop, Jane realizes it might not be love at all that brought the young diva and the aged director together, but something much deeper, and perhaps more sinister.
Delving deep into film history, Jane finds unsettling connections between Roland and a murder that was never solved. Finding out what happened 40 years ago could be the key to unlock the mystery of Octavia's curious marriage, but laying bare such long-buried secrets also promises grave consequences for everyone involved.

Vital Lies (#2): In the second charming Jane Lawless mystery, the winter solstice nears and Jane, a Minneapolis restaurateur, is invited to spend the week at Fothergill Inn, a Victorian house-turned B&B. Jane's old friend Leigh has spent years renovating the house and reopening it as an inn and restaurant. The inn has become so successful that people drive the fifty miles from Minneapolis just for dinner. But when Jane and her best friend, Cordelia, arrive for a week of relaxation, they find that the weekend's guests are anything but pleased, and that relaxing is the furthest thing from their minds.
Broken glass litters the parking lot, dead animals turn up in the bedrooms, a bomb scare threatens the lives of the inn's guests--there is no doubt that someone is trying to scare the visitors. Then the pranks take a deadly turn when a customer ends up dead, and Jane must help her friend get to the bottom of these malicious and murderous events--before someone else dies.

Stage Fright (#3): Aging theater actor Torald Werness's last curtain call is as a corpse. Murdered after his last performance in his last theatrical production, Minneapolis restaurateur-sleuth Jane Lawless finds his body onstage, impaled on a part of the set. Before long, a series of coincidences places Jane in the role of prime suspect.
Determined to clear her name, Jane turns to her best friend, Cordelia, for help. Together, their intuition leads them to the dead man's family, a glamorous--and appropriately melodramatic--Midwestern theatrical dynasty. Jane and Cordelia must separate the theatrics from reality before Jane takes the blame for someone else's crime, and their search for the true killer uncovers a tangled and dangerous web of deceit.

A Killing Cure (#4): Members of the prestigious and long-revered Amelia Gower Women's Club are suddenly dropping like flies. The director has been strangled to death and the founder's granddaughter has taken a fatal fall from the third-floor. Minneapolis restaurateur-sleuth Jane Lawless enlists the help of her best friend, Cordelia, to help her search for clues in the frightening deaths. But the crime scene only becomes more and more dangerous with each secret they uncover, including a possible connection between Jane's lover and the murders.

A Small Sacrifice (#5): Artistic director Cordelia Thorn and four of her former college coterie-all theater majors-plan an "intervention" for the sixth member of their group: alcoholic friend Diana, who has opened a playhouse in Summer Green, Wisconsin. What seemed to be a harmless reunion of theater friends from college turns out to be anything but, and Cordelia Thorn’s reaction to tragedy is to call in her old friend Jane Lawless.
Soap opera star Diana Stanwood is the Shevlin Underground’s biggest success, but the other five members of the troupe are deeply concerned about her life-threatening alcoholism. Trying to save Diana stirs memories—and secrets. When one of their own drops dead, the circumstances have Jane as worried as Cordelia.
True to their friendship, Jane and the wise-cracking Cordelia follow their hunches, leading them into the not-so-carefree past and back to the troubled present, where they find a single match could blow up all their lives.

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Download Jane Lawless Mysteries by Ellen Hart (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

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