LIVE Ammo by Lynda Fitzgerald (.ePUB) download

Download LIVE Ammo by Lynda Fitzgerald (.ePUB)
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Overview: Sheriff Cord Arbutten's wife is dead, an apparent suicide. His grown son claims she was murdered--by the sheriff—and vows he's going to prove it. When it comes to light that she was killed with the sheriff's old service revolver in the middle of a nasty divorce, the Governor strongly suggests that Cord think about stepping down from his position. Suddenly, the sheriff is faced with losing everything, possibly including his freedom.

Investigative reporter Allie Grainger barely knows the Sheriff, but she knows that her deceased aunt, who worked for him for over twenty years, believed he was an honorable man. That's enough for her. She sets out to find out what really happened the day Jean Arbutten died. But someone is equally determined to stop her investigation. Could it be the son—or is there someone else who stands to lose even more if she discovers the truth?
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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Download LIVE Ammo by Lynda Fitzgerald (.ePUB)

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