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Author: Albert Marcella Jr. and Robert S. Greenfield  |  Isbn: 9780849309557  |  File size: 3MB  |  Year: 2002  |  Pages: 464  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Security

Given our increasing dependency on computing technology in daily business processes, and the growing opportunity to use engineering technologies to engage in illegal, unauthorized, and unethical acts aimed at corporate infrastructure, every organization is at risk. Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes provides a comprehensive, highly usable, and clearly organized resource to the issues, tools, and control techniques needed to successfully investigate illegal activities perpetuated through the use of information technology.

Traditional forensics professionals use fingerprints, DNA typing, and ballistics analysis to make their case. Infosec professionals have to develop new tools for collecting, examining, and evaluating data in an effort to establish intent, culpability, motive, means, methods and loss resulting from e-crimes. The field bible for infosecurity professionals, this book introduces you to the broad field of cyber forensics and presents the various tools and techniques designed to maintain control over your organization.

You will understand how to:

  • Identify inappropriate uses of corporate IT
  • Examine computing environments to identify and gather electronic evidence of wrongdoing
  • Secure corporate systems from further misuse
  • Identify individuals responsible for engaging in inappropriate acts taken with or without corporate computing systems
  • Protect and secure electronic evidence from intentional or accidental modification or destruction

    Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes provides a set of varied resources for anyone required to look under the hood and behind closed doors of a virtual world to gather evidence and to establish credible audit trails of electronic wrong doing. Knowing how to identify, gather, document, and preserve evidence of electronic tampering and misuse makes reading this book and using the forensic audit procedures it discusses essential to protecting corporate assets.

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