Between War & Peace by Victor Davis Hanson (.ePUB)

Download ebook Between War & Peace by Victor Davis Hanson (.ePUB)

Add: 22-11-2017, 16:46 | Views: 39

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 400 kb Overview: In his acclaimed collection An Autumn of War, the scholar and military historian Victor Davis Hanson expressed powerful and provocative views of September 11 and the ensuing war in Afghanistan. Now, in these challenging new essays, he examines the world’s ongoing war on terrorism, from America to Iraq, from Europe to Israel, and beyond. In direct language, Hanson portrays an America making progress against Islamic fundamentalism but hampered by the...

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Flight from Colditz by Anthony Hoskins (.ePUB)

Download ebook Flight from Colditz by Anthony Hoskins (.ePUB)

Add: 21-11-2017, 14:36 | Views: 27

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 6.3MB Overview: Colditz Castle was one of the most famous Prisoner of War camps of the Second World War. It was there that the Germans interred their most troublesome or important prisoners. Hundreds of ingenious escape attempts were made but the most ambitious of all was to build a glider and fly to freedom. Though the glider was built, the war ended before it could be used, and it was subsequently destroyed. Using the original plans and materials used by the prisoners, in...

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Leipzig 1813 by Peter Hofschröer (Hofschroer) (.ePUB)

Download ebook Leipzig 1813 by Peter Hofschröer (Hofschroer) (.ePUB)

Add: 18-11-2017, 20:55 | Views: 32

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 87.5 MB Overview: The battle of Leipzig was, in terms of the number of combatants involved, the largest engagement of the entire Napoleonic Wars. It was the only battle of the wars in which all Allied armies (including even the Swedes) fielded troops against Napoleon. Peter Hofschroer looks at the run-up to this crucial encounter as well as the battle itself. A wealth of background information is chronicled, including the strategies of both sides and detailed information on...

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The Vikings: From Marauders to... by Robert Wernick (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Vikings: From Marauders to... by Robert Wernick (.ePUB)

Add: 18-11-2017, 17:29 | Views: 33

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 2.6 MB Overview: The Vikings thought of themselves as the ultimate warriors. But this one-dimensional image belies considerable complexity. They were, in fact, as much merchants as marauders. Among the commodities they sold was one that brought them the greatest profit of all - more than amber, silver, or pelts. That commodity was human beings. Few people know that during their days of dominance, the Vikings were slavers to the world. Here, in this short-form book, is their...

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Legalist Empire by Benjamin Allen Coates (.PDF)

Download ebook Legalist Empire by Benjamin Allen Coates (.PDF)

Add: 16-11-2017, 18:40 | Views: 25

Requirements: PDF Reader 5 MB Overview: America's empire expanded dramatically following the Spanish-American War of 1898. The United States quickly annexed the Philippines and Puerto Rico, seized control over Cuba and the Panama Canal Zone, and extended political and financial power throughout Latin America. This age of empire, Benjamin Allen Coates argues, was also an age of international law. Justifying America's empire with the language of law and civilization, international lawyers-serving...

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All the Fighting They Want by Stephen Davis (.ePUB)

Download ebook All the Fighting They Want by Stephen Davis (.ePUB)

Add: 13-11-2017, 19:31 | Views: 30

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 12.4 MB Overview: John Bell Hood brought a hang-dog look and a hard-fighting spirit to the Army of Tennessee. Once one of the ablest division commanders in the Army of Northern Virginia, he found himself, by the spring of 1864, in the war’s Western Theater. Recently recovered from grievous wounds sustained at Chickamauga, he suddenly found himself thrust into command of the Confederacy’s ill-starred army even as Federals pounded on the door of the Deep South’s...

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The Fourth Crusade 1202–1204 by David Nicolle (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Fourth Crusade 1202–1204 by David Nicolle (.ePUB)

Add: 11-11-2017, 16:26 | Views: 31

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 20.3MB Overview: The Fourth Crusade was the first, and most famous of the 'diverted' Crusades, which saw the Crusade diverted from its original target, Ayyubi Egypt, to attack the Christian city of Zadar in modern Croatia instead, an attack that was little more than a mercenary action to repay the Venetians for their provision of a fleet to the Crusaders. This book examines the combined action and sacking of the city of Zara, which saw the Crusaders temporarily excommunicated...

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Poetry, Modernism & an Imperfect World by Sean Pryor (.PDF)

Download ebook Poetry, Modernism & an Imperfect World by Sean Pryor (.PDF)

Add: 11-11-2017, 10:57 | Views: 25

Requirements: PDF Reader, 1.8MB Overview: Diverse modernist poems, far from advertising a capacity to prefigure utopia or save society, understand themselves to be complicit in the unhappiness and injustice of an imperfect or fallen world. Combining analysis of technical devices and aesthetic values with broader accounts of contemporary critical debates, social contexts, and political history, this book offers a formalist argument about how these poems understand themselves and their situation, and a...

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Appetite for America by Stephen Fried (.ePUB)

Download ebook Appetite for America by Stephen Fried (.ePUB)

Add: 6-11-2017, 11:37 | Views: 28

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 3.1 MB Overview: The legendary life and entrepreneurial vision of Fred Harvey helped shape American culture and history for three generations—from the 1880s all the way through World War II—and still influence our lives today in surprising and fascinating ways. Now award-winning journalist Stephen Fried re-creates the life of this unlikely American hero, the founding father of the nation’s service industry, whose remarkable family business civilized the West and...

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The Bonus Army by Paul Dickson et al (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Bonus Army by Paul Dickson et al (.ePUB)

Add: 31-10-2017, 10:53 | Views: 25

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 4.9 MB Overview: In the summer of 1932, at the height of the Depression, some forty-five thousand veterans of World War I descended on Washington, D.C., from all over the country to demand the bonus promised them eight years earlier for their wartime service. President Herbert Hoover, Army Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur, and others feared the protesters would turn violent after the Senate defeated the "bonus bill" that the House had passed. On July 28, 1932, tanks...

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Wellington in India by Jac Weller (.ePUB)

Download ebook Wellington in India by Jac Weller (.ePUB)

Add: 26-10-2017, 20:04 | Views: 22

Requirements: ePUB reader, 24 MB Overview: The third of Jac Weller’s trilogy concerns the period before the future Duke of Wellington faced Napoleon’s armies, but during which he earned his spurs as a military commander. It was in India that he gained his experience of strategy and tactics, which he would put to masterly effect against his most formidable opponent in years to come. Jac Weller gives a complete account of Wellington's career in India, the battles and sieges he undertook and the...

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It's Not Cricket by Simon Rae (.ePUB)

Download ebook It's Not Cricket by Simon Rae (.ePUB)

Add: 26-10-2017, 14:03 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 7MB Overview: An eye-opening survey of cricket, from the crowd violence and blatant match-rigging of the eighteenth century, down to the twentieth century's glaring abuses of the spirit of the game. Written in the same lively style that won such praise for his W.G. Grace: A Life, Simon Rae's history of cheating will appeal to the cricket fan and general reader alike. Ranging from Thomas White, who notoriously arrived at the crease with a bat the size of the wicket, on through...

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The Many Deaths of Jew Suss by Yair Mintzker (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Many Deaths of Jew Suss by Yair Mintzker (.ePUB)

Add: 23-10-2017, 13:01 | Views: 21

Requirements: ePUB reader, 9.74 mb Overview: A groundbreaking historical reexamination of one of the most infamous episodes in the history of anti-Semitism Joseph Süss Oppenheimer—"Jew Süss"—is one of the most iconic figures in the history of anti-Semitism. In 1733, Oppenheimer became the "court Jew" of Carl Alexander, the duke of the small German state of Württemberg. When Carl Alexander died unexpectedly, the Württemberg authorities arrested Oppenheimer, put him on trial, and condemned him to death...

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Across Cultural Borders by Eckhardt Fuchs et al (.ePUB)

Download ebook Across Cultural Borders by Eckhardt Fuchs et al (.ePUB)

Add: 20-10-2017, 14:16 | Views: 21

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 1.1 MB Overview: This innovative work offers the first comprehensive transcultural history of historiography. The contributors transcend a Eurocentric approach not only in terms of the individual historiographies they assess, but also in the methodologies they use for comparative analysis. Moving beyond the traditional national focus of historiography, the book offers a genuinely comparative consideration of the commonalities and differences in writing history. Distinguishing...

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Trading with the Enemy by Philip Leigh (.ePUB)

Download ebook Trading with the Enemy by Philip Leigh (.ePUB)

Add: 20-10-2017, 13:19 | Views: 25

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 5.5 MB Overview: While Confederate blockade runners famously carried the seaborne trade for the South during the American Civil War, the amount of Southern cotton exported to Europe was only half of that shipped illicitly to the North. Most went to New England textile mills where business “was better than ever,” according to textile mogul Amos Lawrence. Rhode Island senator William Sprague, a mill owner and son-in-law to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, was a...

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Religion & the Cold War by Philip Muehlenbeck (.PDF)

Download ebook Religion & the Cold War by Philip Muehlenbeck (.PDF)

Add: 17-10-2017, 19:44 | Views: 22

Requirements: .PDF Reader | 2.3 MB Overview: The lines of armed conflict, and the catastrophic perils they portended, were shaped with shocking clarity in the immediate aftermath of World War II. Less clear is the role religious ideology played in the conflicts that defined the Cold War era. All too often, beliefs held sacred by some became tools to motivate action or create friction. In Religion and the Cold War, Philip Muehlenbeck assembles an international team of specialists to explore how religion...

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The Second World War in 100 Facts by Clive Pearson (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Second World War in 100 Facts by Clive Pearson (.ePUB)+

Add: 11-10-2017, 10:34 | Views: 26

Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, 0.6 MB Overview: The Second World War was the most widespread conflict in human history. Involving over 100 million people from more than thirty nations, it completely reshaped the world as we know it and led to the birth of the modern era. It gave rise to world leaders both iconic and infamous, instigated the break-up of empires and set the stage for the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, which would last for over forty years. In Britain,...

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Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers by Gordon Williamson (.PDF)

Download ebook Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers by Gordon Williamson (.PDF)

Add: 7-10-2017, 15:14 | Views: 21

Requirements: Any PDF Reader, 3.9 MB Overview: Despite being relatively unknown compared to famous ships like Graf Spee or Bismarke, or the more famous U-boats, the Auxiliary Cruisers were immensely successful, not only in the number of enemy ships they sank, but in the resources which were tied up trying to track them down. The Royal Navy's auxiliary cruisers tended to be merchant vessels used to protect convoys from attack. The German Auxiliary Cruisers, however, heavily armed and usually carried...

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Edward Seymour: Lord Protector by Margaret Scard (.ePUB)

Download ebook Edward Seymour: Lord Protector by Margaret Scard (.ePUB)

Add: 2-10-2017, 10:12 | Views: 19

Requirements: ePUB reader, 8.1mb Overview: On the accession of the boy king, Edward VI in 1547, his uncle Edward Seymour became Lord Protector, Duke of Somerset and, overnight, the most powerful man in England. Foremost amongst the group of ambitious men who sought to govern, Seymour's usurpation of power set him on a course that ended on the block. To the common-folk Seymour was "The Good Duke," but to his fellow councillors he was a traitor. This is a story of power and ambition, failure and execution....

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The Arc of Boxing by Mike Silver (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Arc of Boxing by Mike Silver (.ePUB)

Add: 30-09-2017, 15:04 | Views: 26

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 6.5 MB Overview: Are today’s boxers better than their predecessors, or is modern boxing a shadow of its former self? Boxing historians discuss the socioeconomic and demographic changes that have affected the quality, prominence and popularity of the sport over the past century. Among the interviewees are world-renowned scholars, some of the sport’s premier trainers, and former amateur and professional world champions. Chapters cover such topics as the ongoing...

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Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam by Bernard Lewis (.ePUB)

Download ebook Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam by Bernard Lewis (.ePUB)

Add: 30-09-2017, 10:46 | Views: 67

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 3.1MB Overview: The Assassins is a comprehensive, readable, and authoritative account of history's first terrorists. An offshoot of the Ismaili Shi'ite sect of Islam, the Assassins were the first group to make systematic use of murder as a political weapon. Established in Iran and Syria in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, they aimed to overthrow the existing Sunni order in Islam and replace it with their own. They terrorized their foes with a series of dramatic murders of...

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Age of Roosevelt Vol 1 by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. (.ePUB)

Download ebook Age of Roosevelt Vol 1 by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. (.ePUB)

Add: 26-09-2017, 14:29 | Views: 17

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.7MB Overview: The Crisis of the Old Order, 1919-1933, volume one of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and biographer Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.'s Age of Roosevelt series, is the first of three books that interpret the political, economic, social, and intellectual history of the early twentieth century in terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the spokesman and symbol of the period. Portraying the United States from the Great War to the Great Depression, The Crisis of the Old Order...

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I Signed My Death Warrant by T.Ryle Dwyer (.ePUB)

Download ebook I Signed My Death Warrant by T.Ryle Dwyer (.ePUB)

Add: 25-09-2017, 11:49 | Views: 26

Requirements: EPUB Reader | 1.66 MB Overview: To Michael Collins, the signing of the treaty between Ireland and Britain in 1921 was a 'stepping stone'. Eamon de Valera called it 'treason'. The controversy surrounding the treaty and how it led to the Civil War of 1922-1923, is examined here. T. Ryle Dwyer not only takes an in-depth look at the characters and motivations of the two main Irish protaginaists but also gives many insights into the views and ideas of the other people involved on both sides if...

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Marking Evil by Amos Goldberg (.PDF)

Download ebook Marking Evil by Amos Goldberg (.PDF)

Add: 22-09-2017, 16:37 | Views: 23

Requirements: PDF Reader, 2 mb Overview: Talking about the Holocaust has provided an international language for ethics, victimization, political claims, and constructions of collective identity. As part of a worldwide vocabulary, that language helps set the tenor of the era of globalization. This volume addresses manifestations of Holocaust-engendered global discourse by critically examining their function and inherent dilemmas, and the ways in which Holocaust related matters still instigate public...

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The Burning Season by Andrew Revkin (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Burning Season by Andrew Revkin (.ePUB)

Add: 20-09-2017, 20:06 | Views: 15

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.3 MB Overview: In this reissue of the environmental classic The Burning Season, with a new introduction by the author, Andrew Revkin artfully interweaves the moving story of Chico Mendes's struggle with the broader natural and human history of the world's largest tropical rain forest. "It became clear," writes Revkin, acclaimed science reporter for The New York Times, "that the murder was a microcosm of the larger crime: the unbridled destruction of the last great reservoir...

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Global Warming: A Very Peculiar History by Ian Graham(.ePUB)

Download ebook Global Warming: A Very Peculiar History by Ian Graham(.ePUB)

Add: 19-09-2017, 17:50 | Views: 22

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 1.2 MB | Version: Retail Overview: Which species of moth was nearly killed off by the fight for cleaner air? How does a cow's bottom contribute to global warming? Could warmer mean colder? All these questions and more are answered in 'Global Warming: A Very Peculiar History'. This book arms you with an introduction to the scientific concepts behind global warming then hits you hard with the bizarre and at times disputed facts that go along with the theory. 'Global Warming, A...

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Modern African Wars (4): Congo by Peter Abbott (.PDF)

Download ebook Modern African Wars (4): Congo by Peter Abbott (.PDF)

Add: 16-09-2017, 20:42 | Views: 21

Requirements: Any PDF Reader, 3.6 MB Overview: In the 1970s, during the ruinous 30-year dictatorship of General Mobutu, periodic rebellions required the hasty insertion once again of Belgian and French paratroops to save European lives. From the mid-1990s the country split again, becoming the battleground for the largest African war in history, as armies and rebel groups from Rwanda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia and other countries crossed into the Congo to support one side or the other, or simply...

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US Marine Corps 1941–45 by Gordon L. Rottman (.ePUB)

Download ebook US Marine Corps 1941–45 by Gordon L. Rottman (.ePUB)

Add: 16-09-2017, 20:39 | Views: 13

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 13.2 MB Overview: While the US Marine Corps was one of the smallest of American armed services in World War II, its contribution to the final victory cannot be overstated. The US Marine Corps may have only comprised 5 percent of America's armed forces, but it suffered 10 percent of all World War II combat casualties. Above all, he amphibious nature of the war in the Pacific imposed on the Marine Corps greater tasks than any it had ever before been called upon to perform. This...

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Re:Cyclists by Michael Hutchinson (.ePUB)

Download ebook Re:Cyclists by Michael Hutchinson (.ePUB)

Add: 14-09-2017, 13:29 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.2MB Overview: Somewhere in a German forest 200 years ago, during the darkest, wettest summer for centuries, the story of cycling began. The calls to ban it were more or less instant. Re:cyclists is the tale of what happened next, of how we have spent two centuries wheeling our way about town and country on bikes or on two-wheeled things that vaguely resembled what we now call bikes. Michael Hutchinson picks his way through those 200 years, discovering how cycling became a...

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Japanese Castles 1540–1640 by Stephen Turnbull (.ePUB)

Download ebook Japanese Castles 1540–1640 by Stephen Turnbull (.ePUB)

Add: 7-09-2017, 11:48 | Views: 29

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 8.7MB Overview: The landscape of 16th- and 17th-century Japan was dominated by the graceful and imposing castles constructed by the powerful 'daimyo' of the period. In this the most turbulent era in Japanese history, these militarily sophisticated structures provided strongholds for the consolidation and control of territory, and inevitably they became the focus for many of the great sieges of Japanese history: Nagashino (1575), Kitanosho (1583), Odawara (1590), Fushimi (1600),...

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