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Download Trench Warfare by Bob Carruthers (.ePUB)
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Overview: This powerful collection, depicting the grim events of trench warfare, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great War era. Included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humorists. The result is a stunning and vivid graphic record of life and death in the trenches during the Great War, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great War were still unfolding.

During the Great War artists and illustrators produced a highly accurate visual record of the fleeting moments the bulky cameras couldn’t reproduce. These works form a body of war reportage that are as valid as the written word. Today, the work of the combat illustrators and the official war artists from the Great War era is overlooked by historians in favor of photographs, but these illustrations are nonetheless important, as they provide a contemporary record of hand-to-hand fighting, trench raids, aerial dogfights, sea battles, desperate last stands, night actions and cavalry charges.
Genre: Non Fiction History Military

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Download Trench Warfare by Bob Carruthers (.ePUB)

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