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Download Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales by Fritz Zimmerman (.PDF)
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Overview: New Heroes and Villains Revealed in America's Colonial History.
75 Chilling Short Stories of Bravery and Heroism.
The Mass execution of the residents of Green County, West Virginia. The bravery of George Baker saves his wife and three children from the tomahawk.Mass murder at the peaceful Indian village of Bull Town. Wholesale murder of innocent Native Americans results in deadly reprisals.The Revolution disrupts the fragile peace with the Shawnee resulting in renewed attacks along the Kentucky frontier.Hamilton the "Hair Buyer" sends out war parties to the Kentucky settlements.Daniel Boone's daughters are captured by the Indians.The attack on Fort Henry at present-day Wheeling, West Virginia. 1777 "The bloody year."Kentucky under siege. Generals Clark's diary of hostilities in Kentucky. Horror ensues at the Cunningham cabin. A farm plundered with wife and small child tomahawked. The slaying of Mr. Coon's daughter. Men hold off 380 Native Americans at Fort Henry, West Virginia. Relief of Fort Henry; the terrible carnage revealed. Captain Foreman's force to relieve the fort at Wheeling, is annihilated. The butchery of the Cheat river and the escape of Mrs. Morgan. Simon Kenton was taken prisoner in present day Brown County, Ohio. The capture of the little Johnson brothers and their daring escape from their captors. The kidnapping of the Anderson brothers. 70 men slaughtered under the command of Major Rodgers at Kentucky's Licking river. Murders at Raccoon Creek in Pennsylvania. The Murder of Thomas Campbell and baby. The cold-blooded murder of John Van Meters wife, infant and fifteen-year-old daughter. The second siege of Fort Henry, West Virginia. The bravery of Elizabeth Zane. A fight to the death with a giant. Home invasion in Harrison County, West Virginia. Carnage on an Ohio river keel boat.Mrs.Cunningham watches her four children scalped and murdered before being taken, prisoner. The capture and harrowing rescue of a young pioneer. Tecumseh witnesses the burning of a captive. The horrific story of the murder and torture of the Moore family. Carnage on Hacker's Creek in West Virginia; four children murdered and bodies placed to form a cross. The poor woman who is tomahawked and scalped lives long enough to give birth to a healthy child. The tragedy of the murder of Thomas Wood and his son in Kentucky. The Glass farm tyranny. The of family butchered in their cabin. Native American retaliation for the Moravian massacre. The mystery Indian girl's warning. A tomahawk for the brave. Teen boys murder their captors and the mysterious bag of gold and more...
Genre: Non-Fiction, History

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Download Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales by Fritz Zimmerman (.PDF)

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