The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 213

Requirements: ePUB Reader , 2 MB Overview: Ian McEwan is known to skirt the edge with his writing; the fringes of society, to test the limits of what we can handle perhaps in our worlds as we bring his writing home with us and allow a whole new being to enter. So it is with The Cement Garden, the story of dying family who live in a dying part of the city. The father of four children decides, in an effort to make his garden easier to control, to pave it over. In the process, he has a heart attack and...

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The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby (.PDF) (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby (.PDF) (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 76

Requirements: PDF/ePUB Reader, 1.1 Mb Overview: "Regret is what stands in the way of happiness," she said then turned and walked away... From award-winning USA TODAY Bestselling Author BETTE LEE CROSBY, comes an early twentieth century family saga of two Southern men who come up against one another. Both are prideful, iron-willed and stubborn. One will lose his farm, the other will lose his family. In a tale that delves into the heart of a small town West Virginia community two men discover...

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The Children of Jocasta by Natalie Haynes (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Children of Jocasta by Natalie Haynes (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 115

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 1.6Mb | Version: Retail Overview: When you have grown up as I have, there is no security in not knowing things, in avoiding the ugliest truths because they can't be faced . . . Because that is what happened the last time, and that is why my siblings and I have grown up in a cursed house, children of cursed parents . . . Jocasta is just fifteen when she is told that she must marry the King of Thebes, an old man she has never met. Her life has never been her own, and nor will...

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The Horse Coin by David Wishart (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Horse Coin by David Wishart (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 158

Requirements: ePUB Reader , 325 KB Overview: Britain AD59: The scars of Roman conquest are still livid, the clash of two disparate cultures a source of bitterness and conflict. The Roman ruling class believe it is their duty to civilise the natives; the British tribes chafe under the conquerors' yoke. Marcus Julius Severinus, a young cavalryman in the Roman army, respects the Britons among whom he has been brought up. Newly promoted to Commander of the 'Foxes', he believes there is more to be gained by...

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The Hanging of Father Miguel by M. A. Armen (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Hanging of Father Miguel by M. A. Armen (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 122

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 308Kb | Version: Retail Overview: War had killed 'Glint' McClain's taste for gunfighting. Perhaps that is why a young hardcase could best the famous gunman and leave him for dead on the parched ground of the Arizona desert. Father Miguel finds McClain and nurses him back to health. To repay this kindness, McClain agrees to fight off the Lathrops, local mine owners who are enslaving the Indians in Miguel's parish. Yet despite his Good Samaritan ways, the townspeople want...

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Jump Cut by Krishna Shastri Devulapalli (.ePUB)

Download ebook Jump Cut by Krishna Shastri Devulapalli (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 191

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 1.7Mb | Version: Retail Overview: Ray had it all worked out. Go to India, take care of his father and return to his life in San Jose. His father would follow him in a couple of months and that would be that. But his father dies and Ray attributes it to bad luck. Things take a bizarre turn when an old friend tells him the reason behind his fathers death. Ray finds himself drawn into the seedy under-belly of Tamil films and up against a man who will stop at nothing to get what...

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Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson (.ePUB)

Download ebook Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 170

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 5.2Mb | Version: Retail Overview: It's what's inside that counts... Art student and former model Diana has always been admired for her beauty, but what use are good looks when you want to shine for your talent? Insecure and desperate for inspiration, Diana needs a muse. Facially disfigured four-year-old Cal lives a life largely hidden from the world. But he was born to be looked at and he needs love too. A chance encounter changes everything and Cal becomes Diana’s...

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The Button Box by Dilly Court (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Download ebook The Button Box by Dilly Court (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 102

Requirements: .ePUB/.MOBI Reader, | 2.0Mb | Version: Retail Overview: The new heartwarming novel from Sunday Times bestselling author, Dilly Court. Clara held onto the precious button, glimmering like a jewel in the dark alleyways of London’s notorious Seven Dials. She needed to save her family… but who was going to save her? There was a time when the Carter sisters’ father was their hero. Now he’s a drunk who’s gambled away everything they had and put them all in peril. It's on...

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4 Classics by Robert Louis Stevenson (.ePUB)+

Download ebook 4 Classics by Robert Louis Stevenson (.ePUB)+

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 88

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 8.37 mb Overview: Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Young David Balfour, left in poverty when his father dies, goes to his uncle, Ebenezer, for assistance. He soon finds himself kidnapped and on board a ship, headed for a life of slavery. With the help of daring rebel Alan Breck, David escapes, only to get mixed up in...

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A Generation Rising by Gerald N. Lund (.ePUB)

Download ebook A Generation Rising by Gerald N. Lund (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 74

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1MB | Retail Overview: The strongest steel is forged in the hottest flames. From master storyteller Gerald N. Lund comes a new blockbuster series chronicling the lives of two families who will face some of the most turbulent times in history as they are tried to their very cores. Will they be tempered and strengthened by the hammering blows, will they bend to the point of breaking, or will they completely shatter? As volume one begins, life could not be more promising for the...

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The Book of Songs by Arthur Waley (.PDF)

Download ebook The Book of Songs by Arthur Waley (.PDF)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 141

Requirements: pdf reader, 30.1 mb Overview: One of the five Confucian classics, The Book of Songs (Shijing) is the oldest collection of poetry in world literature and the finest treasure of traditional songs left from antiquity. Where the other Confucian classics treat “outward things: deeds, moral precepts, the way the world works,” as Stephen Owen tells us in his foreword, The Book of Songs is “the classic of the human heart and the human mind.” Genre: Poetry Download link 1 ...

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The Nietzsche Collection by Friedrich Nietzsche (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Nietzsche Collection by Friedrich Nietzsche (.ePUB)+

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 111

Requirements: ePUB or AWZ Reader|Retail|3.73 mb Overview: Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most famous philosophers in history having written classics such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Beyond Good and Evil. (See Inside For Contents) Thus Spoke Zarathustra Beyond Good and Evil Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is The Antichrist Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits The Future of Our Educational Institutions The Joyful Wisdom We Philogists Twilight of the Idols On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral...

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Two Books by Edith Wharton (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Download ebook Two Books by Edith Wharton (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 67

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, 1.2 MB Overview: Edith Wharton was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, short story writer, and designer. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1927, 1928 and 1930. Edith Wharton’s dark view of society, the somber economics of marriage, and the powerlessness of the unwedded woman in the 1870s emerge dramatically in the tragic novel The House of Mirth. Faced with an array of wealthy suitors, New York socialite Lily Bart falls in love with...

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The Man Who Became Frankenstein's... by Robert Daicy (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Man Who Became Frankenstein's... by Robert Daicy (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 104

Requirements: Epub reader, 410 Kb Overview: New York, 1926‒Anyone can make a good life for themselves if they are just willing to work hard for it. William Barker is such a man. He has a good job, a nice house, a son named James, and a marriage he is trying desperately to hold together. A tragic accident takes this life away and William finds himself alone in his house with terrible mental and physical scars that are a constant reminder of what happened. With no one willing to employ a man with such...

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Sprawl by Cat Sparks et al (.MOBI)

Download ebook Sprawl by Cat Sparks et al (.MOBI)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 152

Requirements: mobi reader, 1.4 mb Overview: Sprawl is an exciting original anthology giving readers from around the world a unique glimpse into the strange, dark, and often wondrous magics that fill the days and nights of Australia’s dreaming cities and towns, homes and parks, and most of all, its endlessly stretching suburbs. Genre: Literature & Fiction › Contemporary Fiction Download link 1 Download link 2...

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Chaka by Thomas Mofolo (.ePUB)

Download ebook Chaka by Thomas Mofolo (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 98

Requirements: EPUB reader, 373.70 kb Overview: Written in Sesotho in 1909 and first translated in 1931, Thomas Mofolo's classic South African novel has formed the foundation of all modern interpretations of the Shaka legend. A modern tragedy and the first of its kind to mythologise the life of the Zulu Warrior King, Chaka tells the tragic story of a boy shunned by his father – a Zulu prince born out of wedlock who, through unbridled ambition, sorcery and sheer brutality, claims his rightful place as...

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Five Great Short Stories by Anton Chekhov (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Five Great Short Stories by Anton Chekhov (.ePUB)+

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 61

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, 900 KB Overview: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904), a Russian physician, short-story writer, and playwright, wrote hundreds of stories that delved beneath the surface of Russian society, exposing the hidden motives of his characters and the ways in which prevailing social forces influenced their lives. This collection contains five of his most highly regarded stories, all from his maturity, and set in a variety of Tsarist Russian milieux. Included are "The Black...

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The Collected Stories by Eudora Welty (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Collected Stories by Eudora Welty (.ePUB)+

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 156

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, 1,8 MB Overview: This complete collection includes all the published stories of Eudora Welty. There are forty-one stories in all, including the earlier collections A Curtain of Green, The Wide Net, The Golden Apples, and The Bride of the Innisfallen, as well as previously uncollected stories. With a Preface written by the Author especially for this edition. Genre: General Fiction| Short Fiction Download link 1 Download link 2...

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3 books by Bernard Malamud (.ePUB)

Download ebook 3 books by Bernard Malamud (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 106

Requirements: Epub reader, 863 Kb Overview: Bernard Malamud was an author of novels and short stories. Along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, he was one of the great American Jewish authors of the 20th century. His baseball novel, The Natural, was adapted into a 1984 film starring Robert Redford. His 1966 novel The Fixer, about antisemitism in Tsarist Russia, won both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The Fixer is the winner of the 1967 National Book Award for Fiction and the...

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Jane Austen Collection by Jane Austen (.ePUB)

Download ebook Jane Austen Collection by Jane Austen (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 123

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.2MB | Retail Overview: The ultimate bundle for Jane Austen Fans This collection contains 10 of Jane Austen's works ranging from her most famous to her early letters and unfinished novels. This bundle also includes a BONUS Book Club Discussion Guide and list of over one hundred questions perfect for customizing your next book club, class, or discussion group. This Jane Austen Collection has been professionally formatted for e-readers and includes a linked table of contents....

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The Last Lover by Can Xue (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Last Lover by Can Xue (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 149

Requirements: ePUB Reader , 2.3 MB Overview: In Can Xue’s extraordinary book, we encounter a full assemblage of husbands, wives, and lovers. Entwined in complicated, often tortuous relationships, these characters step into each other’s fantasies, carrying on conversations that are “forever guessing games.” Their journeys reveal the deepest realms of human desire, figured in Can Xue’s vision of snakes and wasps, crows, cats, mice, earthquakes, and landslides. In dive bars and...

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Designing Morgan by Lucey Phillips (.ePUB)

Download ebook Designing Morgan by Lucey Phillips (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 137

Requirements: epub reader, 244kb Overview: Making a relationship work is high art… Morgan dreamed of using her artistic talent to take the world by storm. Instead, she and her best friend Sophie carve out a comfortable, unfulfilling life designing custom jewelry. At least she can still hold out hope for a chance with her ex-boyfriend Clint. When her old flame and his new fiancée walk in looking for wedding accessories, Morgan reevaluates everything. Picking her dreams back up by applying to join an...

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Exes by Max Winter (.ePUB)

Download ebook Exes by Max Winter (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 144

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 1.5Mb | Version: Retail Overview: For Clay Blackall, a lifelong resident of Providence, Rhode Island, the place has become an obsession. Here live the only people who can explain what happened to his brother, Eli, whose suicide haunts this heartbreaking, hilarious novel-in-fragments. A former movie star impersonates himself; an ex-con looks after a summer home perched atop a rock in the bay; a broken-hearted Salutatorian airs thirteen years’ worth of dirty laundry at...

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What Lies Ahead by T Starnes (.ePUB)

Download ebook What Lies Ahead by T Starnes (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 139

Requirements: epub reader, 326kb Overview: Things are looking up for Caspian Grey and his Family. It's a new year with new opportunities. While they work to complete 'the plan', a new enemy comes after the family and new challenges stand in their way. Can Caspian and his girls keep the family together? Genre: Contemporary Romance Download link 1 Download link 2...

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Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani (.ePUB)

Download ebook Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 96

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 863 kB Overview: It’s 1949 and South Philadelphia bursts with opportunity during the post-war boom. The Palazzini Cab Company & Western Union Telegraph Office, owned and operated by Dominic Palazzini and his three sons, is flourishing: business is good, they’re surrounded by sympathetic wives and daughters-in-law, with grandchildren on the way. But a decades-long feud that split Dominic and his brother Mike and their once-close families sets the stage for a...

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Play Out the Match by Michael Knox (.ePUB)

Download ebook Play Out the Match by Michael Knox (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 178

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.9MB Overview: Play Out the Match, Michael Knox’s first published collection of poetry, is also an extended meditation on the idea of reconciliation. Vivid and lyrical, the poems make use of various voices, speakers, and landscapes to explore the surreptitious aspects of fear and indifference, tenderness and fragility. In Play Out the Match, dollar store cashiers, Scottish pub brawlers, lovers, and cowards create a broad and sympathetic world of otherness. Shifting...

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Mohr: A Novel by Frederick Reuss (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Download ebook Mohr: A Novel by Frederick Reuss (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 163

Requirements: ePUB or MOBI reader , 3.2 MB Overview: When a solitary man stumbles upon a cache of photographs, sometimes—and only sometimes—he can sense the lives of the people in them. Sometimes he can find in their faces, and in the way they hold themselves or the way they perform before the camera, the light trace of their story. Following just that path, acclaimed novelist Frederick Reuss has created a love story of historic proportions. Mohr: A Novel is about a man and wife whose life together is...

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The Fallback Plan by Leigh Stein (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Fallback Plan by Leigh Stein (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 90

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.MB Overview: What to do when you've just graduated from college and your plans conflict with those of your parents? That is, when your plans to hang out on the couch, re-read your favorite children's books, and take old prescription tranquilizers, conflict with your parents plans that you, well, get a job? Without a fallback plan, Eshter Kohler decides she has no choice but to take the job her mother has lined up for her: babysitting for their neighbors, the Browns. It's a...

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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (.ePUB)

Download ebook Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 145

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.05 mb Overview: Ifemelu and Obinze are young and in love when they depart military-ruled Nigeria for the West. Beautiful, self-assured Ifemelu heads for America, where despite her academic success, she is forced to grapple with what it means to be black for the first time. Quiet, thoughtful Obinze had hoped to join her, but with post-9/11 America closed to him, he instead plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London. Fifteen years later, they reunite in a newly...

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Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar (.ePUB)

Download ebook Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar (.ePUB)

Add: 1-08-2017, 12:50 | Views: 101

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.7MB Overview: The time is early 16th century. The Rajput kingdom of Mewar is at the height of its power. It is locked in war with the Sultanates of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. But there is another deadly battle being waged within Mewar itself. who will inherit the throne after the death of the Maharana? The course of history, not just of Mewar but of the whole of India, is about to be changed forever. At the centre of Cuckold is the narrator, heir apparent of Mewar, who...

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