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Overview: Do you wish you had the best fat burning genes?
Do you really want to loose those fats around your thighs, bum and belly?
Do you feel that no diet will work again because the weight keeps coming?
How would you feel to have more energy,an unstoppable energy?To feel constantly strong, feel better and be that you with no pain and complaints?
Then I believe you need these simple yet delicious ketogenic diet recipes(snacks, desserts, meals etc) packed with keto fuels to increase your ketosis levels and get you feeling amazing in no distant time.
I would simply show you the simple science behind every ketogenic diet, little steps to follow to stick to your diets and still not crave for carbs and how to know the exact calories you need to eat for your daily carbs, proteins and fats to feel better, look better, be healthier without those unexplainable body symptoms and reverse the signs of aging naturally.
I have designed this book to take anyone from absolute beginner to expert (and anywhere in between) so you can discover which foods to avoid and which to eat in plentiful supply to help properly nourish and support anti-aging, long lasting weight loss, an abundance of natural energy and an improved mood.
This book is not about trying to push you into the diet. It’s all about you, it’s about helping you achieve your desired body goals and expectations within a manageable one month period without any strict ‘rules or instructions’ but simply eating healthy.
In this book I promise you that I will not suggest hours’ worth of exercise or eating schedules that are not attainable. I promise you that this routine will fit into any lifestyle or schedule; or even easier than your current dietary plan and still give the required result within a short period.
I have found out during my years as a nutritionist that most people cannot distinguish between keto foods and high carb containing ingredients and foods, for this reason I assure that downloading this book will give you a simple but comprehensive list of all ketogenic foods.
Genre: Non Fiction Cookbook

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Download Ketogenic Diet by Jane Sullivan (.ePUB)

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