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Educating Goldilocks by Gars Méchant (Mechant)(.ePUB)+

Download ebook Educating Goldilocks by Gars Méchant (Mechant)(.ePUB)+

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Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 598 Kb Overview: When Rob left his home town with his girlfriend to support her through college, he didn't know she would leave him on a whim for some guy she had just met on the light-rail. Now, stuck across the state from his family and friends in a condo he bought for the two of them, he's decided to spend his spare time gardening while wondering what went wrong. But Amber, his neighbour girl, has other ideas. About to graduate from the local Junior College, she feels...

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Mark Waugh: The Biography by James Knight (.ePUB)

Download ebook Mark Waugh: The Biography by James Knight (.ePUB)

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Requirements: Epub reader, 21.6 MB Overview: Mark Edward Waugh was born in 1965 - four minutes after his brother Steve. The tendency to hang back and see how things worked obviously wasn't a one off - he waited five years to join Steve in an Australian Test team. But this was one younger brother who was never going to be content to be cast in his sibling's shadow for too long. Once he donned the Baggy Green, Mark proved he was among the world's most gifted batsmen when he became the first player to score...

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Sanger Road by W. W. Watson (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Download ebook Sanger Road by W. W. Watson (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

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Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 568 Kb Overview: Pulled from his mundane life, Carl finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything... The smell of hot metal filled the air. Carl looked first to the car down the road, partway onto the cement pad: The trunk had popped open and all manner of stuff that had been inside now lay scattered across the ground. Hot oil and antifreeze dripped from under the hood onto the concrete. The front roof line was crushed flat to the top of...

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Quantum Storms: Aaron Seven by Dennis Chamberland (.ePUB)

Download ebook Quantum Storms: Aaron Seven by Dennis Chamberland (.ePUB)

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Requirements: Any ePub reader, 891kb Overview: Seven billion people are about to be trapped by raging solar storms blasting the earth with lethal radiation. Every living organism on the planet will be killed except a few who might be able to carve out a niche before the nearest star goes mad. But time is running out, the planet's inhabitants are going insane and nothing can stop the onrushing cataclysm. There are only a few who might be saved and only one extraordinary genius up to the impossible task of...

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Lonely Planet Dublin (10th Edition)

Download ebook Lonely Planet Dublin (10th Edition)

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Author: Lonely Planet  |  Isbn: 9781786571298  |  File size: 45MB  |  Year: 2016  |  Pages: 260  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Travel Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Dublin is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Sample a Guinness in a genuine Irish pub; soak in the academic atmosphere at...

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Dirty South: Nick & Quin by Devi Firesong (.ePUB)(.MOBI)+

Download ebook Dirty South: Nick & Quin by Devi Firesong (.ePUB)(.MOBI)+

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Requirements: ePUB, MOBI, AZW3 Reader 783 KB Overview: Can a rugged alpha and a refined omega truly be fated mates? Nick Nick's pack is in financial trouble, and their only hope is to merge with the richest pack in the South: The Redfords. Nick will have his pick of the three omega sons to mate with, but he's not so sure he's ready for such a drastic change in his life. That is, until he meets the youngest omega, Quin. Quin Life's been rough on Quin, and it looks like it's only going to get worse. His...

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Everyone We've Been by Sarah Everett (.ePUB)

Download ebook Everyone We've Been by Sarah Everett (.ePUB)

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Everyone We've Been by Sarah Everett Requirements: ePUB Reader | 555 kb Overview: Addison Sullivan has been in an accident. In its aftermath, she has memory lapses and starts talking to a boy that no one else can see. It gets so bad that she’s worried she’s going crazy. Addie takes drastic measures to fill in the blanks and visits a shadowy medical facility that promises to “help with your memory.” But at the clinic, Addie unwittingly discovers it is not her first visit. And...

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Planning Your Time in Retirement

Download ebook Planning Your Time in Retirement

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Author: Robert A. Stebbins  |  Isbn: 9781442221598  |  File size: 0.8MB  |  Year: 2013  |  Pages: 184  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Hobbies Much of what is written about getting old has a negative feel to it, which is certainly not entirely unjustified. Health may begin to fail. Finances may become tighter as income dwindles or stops altogether. Family and friends may move away or move on. But the retirement...

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5 Books by Teagan Kade (.ePUB)

Download ebook 5 Books by Teagan Kade (.ePUB)

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Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 960 KB, 2.9 MB Overview: Teagan Kade thinks talking about yourself in the third person is silly, just like her collection of snow globes and rare manga. When she's not being silly, she's hanging out with her own Storm and two children in the south of Australia, dreaming of new characters and torturous ways they can get themselves into trouble. Teagan loves hearing from her readers, all of whom are as dear to her heart as salted caramel cookies. I brought her back to life. Now...

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The Traders by Sonny Kleinfield (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW3)

Download ebook The Traders by Sonny Kleinfield (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW3)

Add: 10-03-2018, 16:25 | Views: 21

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI or AZW3 Reader, 1.6MB Overview: An inside look at the high-stakes trading floors of major financial exchanges and the men and women who hold the chipsSonny Kleinfield spent months with individual traders on five of America's biggest financial exchanges. The investors he followed are the ultimate gamblers, trading only for themselves, not for clients, and sometimes going "all in" on stocks, options, and, ultimately, their own futures. These mavericks display a unique intensity and...

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Cast No Shadow by James Swallow (.ePUB)

Download ebook Cast No Shadow by James Swallow (.ePUB)

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Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.3MB Overview: Seven years have passed since a catastrophic explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis touched off a chain of events that would result in the assassination of the reformist High Chancellor Gorkon, and the eventual creation of the historicKhitomer Accords. Now, as part of the ongoing efforts to undo the disastrous fallout from the destruction of Praxis and with the help of aid supplies from the United Federation of Planets, reconstruction is in progress, and after...

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Leather & Newfound Land by C.B. Conwy (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Download ebook Leather & Newfound Land by C.B. Conwy (.ePUB)(.PDF)

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Requirements: ePUB / PDF Reader, 818KB Overview: Getting a puppy can cause major upheaval, mess, and distraction in your life. Much like getting a boyfriend, come to think about it. And Cliff has to think about it after Mischa (the adorable, but incredibly messy Newfoundland puppy) and Gerard (the equally adorable, but incredibly tidy man) come into his life on the very same day. It's a case of opposites attracting -- and a puppy making it worse. The dog is wreaking havoc, and in the end, Cliff''s...

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Five Days of Famous by Alyson Noël (Noel) (.ePUB)

Download ebook Five Days of Famous by Alyson Noël (Noel) (.ePUB)

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Requirements: ePUB reader, 5.44 mb Overview: Is being famous the key to living the life of your (tween) dreams? Find out in this modern-day fairy tale from #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël! Seventh-grade girls like guys who are cool. And Nick Dashaway . . . is not cool. When Nick makes a wish after the epic disaster that was the Greentree Middle School Talent Show, he doesn't actually think it's going to come true. But it does. Soon he has a whole new life—he's rich, he's popular, and...

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The Outer World Chronicles by Arwen Chandler (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Outer World Chronicles by Arwen Chandler (.ePUB)+

Add: 28-02-2018, 13:17 | Views: 30

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 969KB | Retail Overview: Arwen Chandler was born in East Texas. From an early age Arwen loved books and the craft of writing. She was blessed to have a mother who was a slave to both the typewriter and the many works of fiction that filled her head. Arwen spent much of her youth immersed in works of science-fiction and fantasy, so it's no surprise she has turned her love for reading, and film into a passion for writing. Gwyn's smuggling activity has never been...

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Extinction by Iain Rob Wright (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Download ebook Extinction by Iain Rob Wright (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Add: 27-02-2018, 16:11 | Views: 20

Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.1MB Overview: VAMPS: After dealing with his rival, Pusher, and escaping the clutches of the treacherous Prime Minister, John Windsor, Vamps and last remaining friend, Mass, set out with the mysterious Aymun. A man who came from a gate that imploded on Oxford Street. The demons have destroyed civilisation, but Vamps isn’t going to take it lying down. GUY GRANGER: Guy is finally about to reach the shores of England with the faithful crew of the Hatchet. Will he...

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New Rules Series (1-2) by Markie Morelli (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Download ebook New Rules Series (1-2) by Markie Morelli (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Add: 26-02-2018, 13:05 | Views: 28

Requirements: .ePUB/.AZW3 Reader | 1.1Mb | Version: Retail Overview: Like many authors, Markie Morelli didn’t take her writing career seriously until the last of her six children had one foot out the door. The woman who was frequently seen with a book in one hand and a baby on her hip decided to take the plunge once the demands of motherhood and work eased up. Markie lives in New England and is a firm believer that some of the best things in life happen after forty, and they don’t necessarily...

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The Spellsinger Series by Amy Sumida (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Spellsinger Series by Amy Sumida (.ePUB)

Add: 24-02-2018, 16:13 | Views: 21

Requirements: ePUB Reader 766 KB / 293 KB Overview: Amy Sumida is the Internationally Acclaimed author of the Award-Winning Godhunter Series, the fantasy paranormal Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the music-oriented paranormal Spellsinger Series, and several short stories. Her books have been translated into several languages, have made it to the top sellers list on Amazon numerous times, and the first book in her Spellsinger Series won a publishing contract with Kindle Press. She...

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2 Novels by Jade Astor (.ePUB)+

Download ebook 2 Novels by Jade Astor (.ePUB)+

Add: 24-02-2018, 10:25 | Views: 27

Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI Reader | 3.1 MB / 1.5 MB Overview: Jade Astor is a longtime fan of both paranormal and male-male love stories. She was delighted to find a thriving community of like-minded writers and readers in the ebook industry. Moon Lake Wolves is her first trilogy to be published by Silver. When she is not writing, Jade enjoys sculpting, tinkering with computers, and training (and retraining) hersmall herd of unruly but adorable rescued Chihuahuas. Genre: Romance MM The House on the...

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Royal Institute of Magic series by Victor Kloss (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Royal Institute of Magic series by Victor Kloss (.ePUB)+

Add: 22-02-2018, 12:44 | Views: 30

Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI .AZW3 Reader | 1.4 MB / 368 kb Overview: Victor Kloss was born in 1980 and lived his first five years in London, before moving to a small town in West Sussex. By day he builds websites, by night he writes (or tries to). His love for Children's Fantasy stems from Enid Blyton, Tolkien, and recently, JK Rowling. His hobbies include football, golf, reading and taking walks with his wife and daughter. Genre: Fantasy Magic The Shadowseeker (#2) Spellswords, Wardens, Traders,...

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Trust by Kylie Scott (.ePUB)

Download ebook Trust by Kylie Scott (.ePUB)

Add: 19-02-2018, 20:38 | Views: 29

Requirements: ePUB Reader | 608 kb Overview: Being young is all about the experiences: the first time you skip school, the first time you fall in love…the first time someone holds a gun to your head. After being held hostage during a robbery at the local convenience store, seventeen-year-old Edie finds her attitude about life shattered. Unwilling to put up with the snobbery and bullying at her private school, she enrolls at the local public high school, crossing paths with John. The boy who risked his...

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Nyla Runningbrook series by Spikes Donovan (.ePUB)(MOBI)+

Download ebook Nyla Runningbrook series by Spikes Donovan (.ePUB)(MOBI)+

Add: 15-02-2018, 19:54 | Views: 27

Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/azw3 Reader, 1.29 mb Overview: Author of thriller, Time Clock Hero (available August, 2016 at Amazon Books), and the the political action thriller, The Last Infidel. Five-Star security author. Dark Water Diver. Bachelor's Degree in History and a master's level equivalent in Philosophy. Advanced security specialist. In the middle of the vast green forests of Tennessee lies Nolens Village, a place where women are worth less than men. When two of Nyla Runningbrook's girlfriends are...

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Beautiful series by Chandin Whitten (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Beautiful series by Chandin Whitten (.ePUB)+

Add: 15-02-2018, 13:51 | Views: 25

Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, Size: 1.1 Mb Overview: Chandin Whitten is a married stay at home mom of two girls. She has always liked reading but after having her two girls she never found a lot of time, that is until she was introduced to FSOG. After reading FSOG in the spring of 2012 she made sure to find time to read. Reading and music are her escapes. She decided late 2012 that she was going to write her own book. After talking to close friends and her husband she decided to go for it. Writing is...

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Tiger I & Tiger II by Anthony Tucker-Jones (.ePUB)

Download ebook Tiger I & Tiger II by Anthony Tucker-Jones (.ePUB)

Add: 12-02-2018, 19:33 | Views: 35

Requirements: ePUB Reader, Size: 26 Mb Overview: The German Tiger I and Tiger II (known to the Allies as the ‘King Tiger’ or ‘Royal Tiger’) were the most famous and formidable heavy tanks of the Second World War. In their day, their awesome reputation inspired such apprehension among Allied soldiers that the weaknesses of these brilliant but flawed designs tended to be overlooked. Anthony Tucker-Jones, in this illustrated history, tells the story of their conception and...

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Jason (Guardians of the Gate #1) by D.S. Marsh (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Jason (Guardians of the Gate #1) by D.S. Marsh (.ePUB)+

Add: 12-02-2018, 10:13 | Views: 18

Requirements: ePUB Reader, MOBI Reader, AZW Reader, 1.08 MB Overview: Violet Hayes is an independent woman who runs her own online antique business. She’s on an antique-finding road trip when her car breaks down and she becomes stranded in the small town of Portal, Colorado. Something about the place and the people feel like home to her. Instant attraction springs up when she meets Jason Storm. After having a bad marriage with a man who cheated on her, Violet isn’t sure she’s ready for...

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5 Books by Elizabeth Kelly (.ePUB)

Download ebook 5 Books by Elizabeth Kelly (.ePUB)

Add: 9-02-2018, 20:56 | Views: 37

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 243Kb/1.0Mb | Version: Retail Overview: Elizabeth Kelly is a romance novelist who spends her days writing and pushing her cat Murray off the keyboard. She firmly believes that a person can survive solely on sushi and coffee, and only her husband's mad cooking skills prevents her from proving that theory. Two years after the tragic death of his wife, Caleb Thornswell lives a solitary life. When he rescues a fragile and innocent woman named Ellie from a blizzard, he’s...

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The Collins Brothers series by Victoria Pinder (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Collins Brothers series by Victoria Pinder (.ePUB)

Add: 9-02-2018, 12:11 | Views: 24

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.3 MB Overview: Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. Genre: Romance Chaperoning Paris (#1): Gigi Dumont never forgot how she walked away from...

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Painting Still Life In Gouache

Download ebook Painting Still Life In Gouache

Add: 7-02-2018, 20:49 | Views: 19

Author: Kevin Scully  |  Isbn: 978-1847979773  |  File size: 81 MB  |  Year: 2015  |  Pages: 144  |  Language: English  |  File format: EPUB  |  Category: Design Learn about the Gouache painting style and how to use it as a fine artist with the help of this illustrated guide Gouache is an exciting, forgiving, and versatile fine art medium. It has a long history going back many centuries, but for some time it has been seen as a medium...

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SharePoint 2016 For Everyone &All In One

Download ebook SharePoint 2016 For Everyone &All In One

Add: 7-02-2018, 16:02 | Views: 26

Author: Swati Pradip Bannore Jain  |  Isbn: 9781520329390  |  File size: 13.61MB  |  Year: 2016  |  Pages: 113  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Software This book is the compilation of my own findings with reference to knowledge shared at different conferences & summary of MSDN & TechNet blog series/articles etc .This book is written considering the larger audience including IT users, Business users, Architects,...

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The Dying & The Dead 2 by Jack Jewis (.ePUB)+

Download ebook The Dying & The Dead 2 by Jack Jewis (.ePUB)+

Add: 3-02-2018, 15:30 | Views: 26

Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI .AZW3 Reader | 1.2 MB Overview: An Outbreak that destroyed the world… A gene that granted immunity to some… An empire that hunts them for their flesh… The Capita spread their talons across the Mainland, destroying survivor settlements and killing any who won’t join them. They hunt those who are immune to the virus and transport them to Camp Dam Marsh, where the flesh will be stripped from their bodies and used to cure people who have been bitten by the infected. Eric and...

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Zephyr: Phase One by Warren Hately (.ePUB)

Download ebook Zephyr: Phase One by Warren Hately (.ePUB)

Add: 2-02-2018, 12:21 | Views: 16

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 469 kB Overview: Zephyr is an ongoing series that has been favorably compared to Alan Moore's Watchmen and similar classics. Like the comic books to which it owes a debt, Zephyr is episodic with an open narrative. It is written for grown-ups. It's 2013 on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The place is Atlantic City: a sweeping longitudinal metropolis rebuilt following widespread devastation in 1984. Superhumans are not only real, they're human. All too human, as...

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