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The Sludge by David Bernstein (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Sludge by David Bernstein (.ePUB)

Add: 13-01-2018, 11:47 | Views: 10

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 710 KB Overview: Deep in Montana's Lolo National Forest, toxic waste is leaking from aged oil drums and mixing with a new batch of biological sludge that has been dumped into a remote lake. It sickens, it mutates, and like cancer, it spreads and devours. A group of hikers stumble upon bank robbers who've been hiding out in the forest. Held at gunpoint, they soon discover they are being hunted by a vicious predator, and it will take their combined efforts to make it out of the...

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Max Seventeen by Kate Johnson (.ePUB)

Download ebook Max Seventeen by Kate Johnson (.ePUB)

Add: 12-01-2018, 19:38 | Views: 7

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 440 kb Overview: Action romance. In deep space. Max is running. From jail, from hunger, and from the hard labour that awaits on the Zeta Secunda Mining Corps' stinking land trains. Riley is running. From terrible shame in the past, from dark secrets in the present, and from the Service who have very definite ideas about officers who abscond to join pirate crews. The starship Eurydice could mean their salvation. But the enigmatic Captain Orpheus could betray them both at any...

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Warfare & Shamanism in Amazonia

Download ebook Warfare & Shamanism in Amazonia

Add: 10-01-2018, 13:03 | Views: 8

Author: Dr Carlos Fausto  |  Isbn: 9781107449428  |  File size: 5.28MB  |  Year: 2014  |  Pages: 370  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture Warfare and Shamanism in Amazonia is an ethnographic study of the Parakanã, a little-known indigenous people of Amazonia, who inhabit the interfluvial region in the state of Pará, Brazil. This book analyzes the relationship between warfare and shamanism in Parakanã society...

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Native American Faith in America

Download ebook Native American Faith in America

Add: 9-01-2018, 11:57 | Views: 56

Author: Founder/Director J Gordon Melton and Michael Tlanusta Garrett Ph.D.  |  Isbn: 9780816049899  |  File size: 6MB  |  Year: 2003  |  Pages: 128  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture Few populations around the world have been as deeply affected by outside cultures as Native Americans. The wide variety of people who lived in America prior to Western migration possessed an equally wide variety of faith...

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Hot Night with the Knight by Vivica Dorn (.MOBI)

Download ebook Hot Night with the Knight by Vivica Dorn (.MOBI)

Add: 30-12-2017, 19:07 | Views: 42

Requirements: MOBI Reader 182 KB Overview: Cedric Green never wanted to be a squire. He is a farmer by trade, a big lad from birth, with a green thumb and a deep love for animals. However, when his parents die and the local magistrate takes back his family's farm to pay old debts, Cedric, aged 21 and looking for a new path, finds himself entangled with the most legendary, battle-hardened, and unpredictable knight in the Kingdom of Leiftenshire - Sir Bailey Blaxton. At first, Cedric is shocked by the...

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The Cityborn by Edward Willett (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Cityborn by Edward Willett (.ePUB)

Add: 29-12-2017, 19:38 | Views: 25

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, | 1.1Mb | Version: Retail Overview: Two young individuals must uncover the dark secrets of their stratified city in this suspenseful sci-fi standalone The metal City towers at the center of the mountain-ringed Heartland, standing astride the deep chasm of the Canyon like a malevolent giant, ruled with an iron fist by the First Officer and his Provosts in the name of the semi-mythical Captain. Within its corroding walls lies a stratified society, where the Officers dwell in...

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Greatest Railroad Story Ever Told by Seth H. Bramson (.ePUB)

Download ebook Greatest Railroad Story Ever Told by Seth H. Bramson (.ePUB)

Add: 29-12-2017, 18:19 | Views: 26

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 9.2MB Overview: Although several people had considered constructing a railroad to Key West beginning in the early 1800s, it took a bold industrialist with unparalleled vision to make it happen. In 1902, Henry Flagler made the decision to extend the Florida East Coast Railway to "the nearest deepwater American port." In this book, renowned Florida historian Seth H. Bramson reveals how the Key West Extension of the Flagler-owned FEC became the greatest railroad engineering and...

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Ruined by the Ultimate Billionaire by G. Stockholm (.ePUB)+

Download ebook Ruined by the Ultimate Billionaire by G. Stockholm (.ePUB)+

Add: 25-12-2017, 18:11 | Views: 27

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 846 Kb Overview: The immovable object meets the irresistible force… and something has to give. Danielle the librarian is a young, pretty, vibrant big beautiful woman… and she’s stuck in a rut. A lifetime of playing it safe has landed her a quiet job, a few good friends, and a series of romantic relationships that have been anything but fulfilling. She’s always thought that sex was the world’s most over-rated past time… while keeping her deepest and...

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The Witches Of Dredmoore Hollow by Riford McKenzie (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Witches Of Dredmoore Hollow by Riford McKenzie (.ePUB)

Add: 25-12-2017, 16:01 | Views: 21

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.67 mb Overview: Nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery When his two strange aunts arrive at Dredmoore Hollow, eleven-year-old Elijah finds his life turned upside down. His parents suddenly leave town, and he’s whisked away to stay with Serena and Agnes on Moaning Marsh, where they run the world’s most mysterious beauty salon. Not to mention their creepy hired man, his beastly pet, and the three unusual girls who are their only customers....

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The Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy (MM) (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy (MM) (.ePUB)

Add: 25-12-2017, 13:57 | Views: 34

Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 972 KB, 464 KB Overview: Although Sloane Kennedy always dreamed of being a writer as a teenager, she didn't take the plunge until March of 2015 when she released her first novel as an independent author. Trauma surgeon Ronan Grisham lost everything the day the man he loved was stolen from him in a brutal attack. Driven by a thirst for vengeance, he turns his hatred into building an underground group that can do what he couldn’t that fateful day…take the lives of the...

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Learning Informatica PowerCenter 9.x

Download ebook Learning Informatica PowerCenter 9.x

Add: 22-12-2017, 18:44 | Views: 29

Author: Rahul Malewar  |  Isbn: 9781782176480  |  File size: 11MB  |  Year: 2014  |  Pages: 362  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Software Learn the art of extracting data from disparate systems, integrating it using the leading data integration platform, and creating intelligent data centers for your businessAbout This BookLearn the functionalities of each component in the Informatica PowerCenter tool and deploy...

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Shakespeare & the Jews

Download ebook Shakespeare & the Jews

Add: 16-12-2017, 18:04 | Views: 23

Author: James Shapiro  |  Isbn: 9780231178679  |  File size: 76MB  |  Year: 2016  |  Pages: 320  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Culture First published in 1996, James Shapiro's pathbreaking analysis of the portrayal of Jews in Elizabethan England challenged readers to recognize the significance of Jewish questions in Shakespeare's day. From accounts of Christians masquerading as Jews to fantasies of settling...

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Learning Swift: Building Apps for OS X & iOS

Download ebook Learning Swift: Building Apps for OS X & iOS

Add: 14-12-2017, 17:37 | Views: 27

Author: Paris Buttfield-Addison  |  Isbn: 9781491940747  |  File size: 26MB  |  Year: 2016  |  Pages: 536  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Software Get hands-on experience with Apple’s Swift programming language by building real working apps. With this practical guide, skilled programmers with little or no knowledge of Apple development will learn how to code with Swift 2 by developing three complete,...

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The Devil's Daughter by Jill Cooper (.ePUB)

Download ebook The Devil's Daughter by Jill Cooper (.ePUB)

Add: 6-12-2017, 17:16 | Views: 14

Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 227 kb Overview: The beauty of an Angel. The Heart of the Devil. A war is about to be waged for her soul. Can love prove to be the one saving grace that Lucifer cannot master? Reckless. Impetuous and arrogant. Amara is Lucifer's daughter in every way. In the high court of hell, no one has captured more angels than she has. But she has never felt anything for them. Not until him. The high counsel of Heaven sent their mightiest warrior, Cathal, to kill Amara and snuff out the...

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Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2

Download ebook Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2

Add: 5-12-2017, 19:04 | Views: 23

Author: Rob Brunia  |  Isbn: 9077275290  |  File size: 5MB  |  Year:  |  Pages: 59  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Games Workbook Step 2, rating up to 1400. 526 exercises corresponding with the lessons of the 'manual Step 2'. The first principles of tactics and positional play are introduced in the second step. At this level all games are decided by tactics, so most of the attention is paid to this matter....

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Owning His Body by J. W. Greyson (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Download ebook Owning His Body by J. W. Greyson (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Add: 5-12-2017, 10:24 | Views: 47

Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, Overview: "I licked the tip and sucked it for a moment – it drove him crazy. He wanted me to put it whole inside my mouth – I wanted him crazy. I wanted him to rage and try dominating me only to find out no one can dominate the master. He was trying to push his dick deeper but again he failed. I let it get out of my mouth and started licking it to the base enjoying the softness of his freshly shaved skin on my face." Written for your pleasure this gay...

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Python Programming For Teens

Download ebook Python Programming For Teens

Add: 2-12-2017, 12:40 | Views: 24

Author: Kenneth A. Lambert  |  Isbn: 9781305271951  |  File size: 3.5 MB  |  Year: 2014  |  Pages: 272  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Programming If you want to learn how to program in Python, one of today’s most popular computer programming languages, PYTHON PROGRAMMING FOR TEENS is the perfect first step. Written by teacher, author, and Python expert Kenneth Lambert, this book will help you build a...

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Awakening Series by Jane Hinchey (.ePUB)

Download ebook Awakening Series by Jane Hinchey (.ePUB)

Add: 2-12-2017, 10:40 | Views: 22

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 769 KB Overview: After moving to Australia from the UK when she was two years old, Jane grew up in outback South Australia, with no television until she was eight years old. Instead she found her entertainment within the pages of books. Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy 1. First Blade - Georgia Pearce possesses remarkable psychic abilities. When she discovers an ancient dagger hidden in her workshop, she knows it can only mean one thing. Trouble. Trouble arrives in the form of Zak...

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Guerilla by Mel Odom (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Download ebook Guerilla by Mel Odom (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Add: 1-12-2017, 14:13 | Views: 20

Requirements: ePUB or AZW3 Reader, 1.2MB Overview: The second installment of the Markaum War series by Mel Odom takes these military sci-fi books to the next level, perfect for readers of Jay Allan's Crimson Worlds novels. He's behind enemy lines. But those lines are shifting beneath his feet. In the jungles of Makaum, the Terran military is locked in a critical standoff over the planet's resources with the hostile Phrenorians, even as both species maintain uneasy relations with the locals. Tensions...

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Native Wind by A.M. Burns (.ePUB)

Download ebook Native Wind by A.M. Burns (.ePUB)

Add: 29-11-2017, 15:55 | Views: 22

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 341KB Overview: After his family is killed by thieves, sole survivor Trey McAlister is taken in by a nearby Comanche clan. Trey has a gift for magic and the clan’s shaman, Singing Crow, makes him an apprentice. While learning to control his powers, Trey bonds with a young warrior and shape shifter, Grey Talon. When they are sent out on a quest to find the missing daughter of a dragon, they encounter the same bandits who murdered Trey’s family, as well as a man made...

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5 books by Greg James (.ePUB)

Download ebook 5 books by Greg James (.ePUB)

Add: 28-11-2017, 14:27 | Views: 17

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 990 kB Overview: Greg James is a critically-acclaimed and best-selling self-published author. He was born in Essex and grew up along the south-east coast of England. He studied literature and media at university and has taught English as a foreign language in the Far East. He has written the acclaimed Vetala Cycle series and the best-selling Age of the Flame trilogy. He lives in London where he can be found writing into the small hours of the morning during the week, and...

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When Invisible Children Sing by Dr. Chi Huang (.ePUB)

Download ebook When Invisible Children Sing by Dr. Chi Huang (.ePUB)

Add: 25-11-2017, 11:01 | Views: 24

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.2 MB Overview: Expecting to treat some mildly ill children from the streets of Bolivia on a quick “service trip,” an idealistic young medical student gets more than he bargained for when he takes a year off from Harvard Medical School to work at an orphanage in La Paz. As he comes to know the children and sees how they live, Chi Huang is drawn deeper and deeper into their complex and desperate lives. The doctor soon realizes that to truly help these children, he...

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Pick Me Up! Special - July 2017 (.PDF)

Download ebook Pick Me Up! Special - July 2017 (.PDF)

Add: 23-11-2017, 12:33 | Views: 15

Requirements: PDF Reader, 25 MB Overview: Pick Me Up! is the modern real-life mag for women who want more. And the Pick Me Up! Specials range gives them just that. More fascinating, thought-provoking all-true stories which feed their curiosity and hunger to delve deeper. More canny ideas for value-hunters. More fun-filled features. More on-trend fashion and beauty pages. More helpful health and wellbeing advice. More cheap and easy recipes. More prize puzzles. All in a bright, modern package. It’s...

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Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning Through Modern Board Games

Download ebook Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning Through Modern Board Games

Add: 23-11-2017, 11:06 | Views: 18

Author: Brian Mayer  |  Isbn: 9780838910092  |  File size: 1MB  |  Year: 2009  |  Pages: 134  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: Games A much-talked-about topic gets thorough consideration from two educator-librarians, who explain exactly how designer board games which are worlds apart from games produced strictly for the educational market can become curricular staples for students young and old. Drawing on their...

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Learning Gerrit Code Review by Luca Milanesio (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Download ebook Learning Gerrit Code Review by Luca Milanesio (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Add: 22-11-2017, 20:30 | Views: 35

Requirements: ePUB PDF Reader,, 4.8 MB Overview: Developing software is now more than ever before a globally distributed activity: agile methodologies that worked well enough with co-located teams now need to be empowered with additional tools such as Gerrit code review to allow the developers to share, discuss, and cooperate in a more social way, even with GitHub. Learning Gerrit Code Review is a practical guide that provides you with step-by-step instructions for the installation, configuration, and...

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Cowboys After Dark series by Maggie Carpenter (.ePUB)

Download ebook Cowboys After Dark series by Maggie Carpenter (.ePUB)

Add: 22-11-2017, 18:56 | Views: 32

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.54 MB Overview: Who Is Maggie Carpenter? Most of the time, when you read, About The Author, you discover said author has three dogs, two cats and a turtle named Harley, lives in Oregon and likes to hike with her husband of five years. Generally, the piece is written in the third person. I have no quarrel with such an expose, it's just not for me. If you are reading this I'm going to assume you really do want to know About Me, and I want to give you that, from me, personally...

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Xander King series (2-3) by Bradley Wright (.ePUB)

Download ebook Xander King series (2-3) by Bradley Wright (.ePUB)

Add: 22-11-2017, 17:08 | Views: 19

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.06 mb Overview: Bradley Wright is the author of the Xander King series. He and his wife spend time in both sunny California and the great state of Kentucky, where he does his very best to be charming, witty, and clever. When those attempts inevitably fail, he locks himself in a room and makes up characters who seem to always find him far more interesting than real people do. Funny how that works. Bradley has been writing since he was a child. He started with songs and poems,...

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Restoration England, 1660-1685 by Ed Podesta (.PDF)

Download ebook Restoration England, 1660-1685 by Ed Podesta (.PDF)

Add: 22-11-2017, 14:39 | Views: 23

Requirements: PDF Reader, 13 MB Overview: AQA approved Create a stimulating, well-paced teaching route through the 2016 GCSE History specification using this tailor-made series that draws on a legacy of market-leading history textbooks and the individual subject specialisms of the author team to inspire student success. - Motivate your students to deepen their subject knowledge through an engaging and thought-provoking narrative that makes historical concepts accessible and interesting to today's...

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Medusa's Heart by Joey W. Hill (.ePUB)

Download ebook Medusa's Heart by Joey W. Hill (.ePUB)

Add: 21-11-2017, 18:01 | Views: 36

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 589 KB Overview: John Pierce has been in covert operations all his adult life. He doesn’t know anything else but that and being a Dom, because that’s how he blows off steam and balances the nagging emptiness inside of him. Since he was a kid, he’s carried around an infatuation that’s grown into an embarrassing obsession. He’s in love with a myth—Medusa “Mad Merlin” Maddock doesn’t think that’s crazy. He believes in powers...

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The Last Laugh by Phil Berger (.PDF)

Download ebook The Last Laugh by Phil Berger (.PDF)

Add: 17-11-2017, 15:57 | Views: 18

Requirements: PDF Reader 3.3 MB Overview: The Last Laugh is the first and only book to take readers deep into the bizarre universe of the standup comic, from the classic years of Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, and Shecky Greene, to today's comedy superstars. Phil Berger shows how styles and trends in standup have changed over the past fifty years, but how taking the stage in a comedy club is as tough as it's always been. Performers profiled in the book include Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Elaine...

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