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Download Sin Instructor by Alicia Stranger (.ePUB) (.MOBI)
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  • Category: Erotic
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Overview: "Why do you stay after school so long and talk to me Jim?" Betty Hardy asked her young student. Jim looked at his college teacher and told her frankly, "because you turn me on." "I don't care to talk about that," she said. Quickly Jim countered, "Well we could play tennis or something couldn't we?" "It would be alright to have a little fun with you," she said, "but certainly not in a sexual nature." "I used the wrong word," he told her. "You young people are always using the wrong words," she said. "I'm sorry," Jim told her as he apologized. That day, they made a date together for tennis. And on the weekend, when she really didn't have anything to do anyway she enjoyed the pleasant pastime of getting together with Jim for tennis. As he played, she couldn't help admire his body. He was muscular, quick, and very sexually appealing to her. When they had finished playing tennis, he suggested that they get something to eat.
Genre: Erotic Romance

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Download Sin Instructor by Alicia Stranger (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

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