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Download The Howling Death MC series by Marla Monroe (.ePUB)
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  • Category: Erotic
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Overview: Marla Monroe lives in the southern part of the United States. She writes sexy romance from the heart and often puts a twist of suspense in her books. She is a nurse and works in a busy hospital, but finds plenty of time to follow her two passions, reading and writing. You can find her in a book store or a library at any given time when she's not at work or writing.
Genre: Erotic Romance, Menage

1. Finding Love Between Terror and Rage: Mia knows they’re dangerous men, but Terror and Rage make her feel alive for the first time since her husband’s murder, where she nearly died. Though she carries the scars of the attack, she has moved on. One glimpse of the new bikers in town and she can’t stop thinking about them. Terror and Rage are instantly attracted to the dark-haired beauty who serves them drinks. They try to stay away from her for her own protection while they rebuild The Howling Death M.C. When people start to die and a rival M.C. threatens their town, they can’t ignore the threat to her and intervene. They will do anything to protect her and make her theirs. Mia has to decide if living a dull but safe life is enough for her, or if she wants to find love between the two men who make her feel alive.

2. Caught Between Hawk and Gunner: Jackie’s looking for a new start. Hawk and Gunner weren’t looking for anything, but they sure as hell found her. Can they keep her? Jackie’s life hasn’t been smooth, but she’s determined to find a new one with fewer bumps in the road. When her truck breaks down and she accepts a ride from two bikers, all of her plans are upended in a little dusty town in the middle of nowhere. Hawk likes what he sees, but his partner Gunner is resistant for some reason. When danger is knocking at their back gate, the two men are tasked with keeping a close eye on Jackie. Could she be a spy for their enemy or an innocent bystander with enough baggage to kill a horse? The three of them have to work it all out before their fighting leads to someone falling into the wrong hands. Hawk and Gunner aren’t letting Jackie go. Now, they just have to convince her.

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Download The Howling Death MC series by Marla Monroe (.ePUB)

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