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  • Category: Erotic
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Overview: Atlas, a human survivalist, left his home and traveled to the tropics to get away from everyone. That's where he met Vega, the Alphan conservationist who's been saving endangered animals. They become bondmates and live happily on Earth.
Until Vega receives a distress call from Alpha. His baby sister is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant from him. Time is of the essence, but when they try to take a shortcut through hyperspace, they get arrested for entering a restricted region. As captain, Vega is sentenced to death.
Krux is the Xyran commander of a space station wherein a few Alphans and Xyrans are working together on a secret project. He envies the bondmates' love and doesn't want to separate them, but he has a duty to follow the station laws.
Will the bondmates escape from the space station in time? What sacrifices will they all have to make?
Genre: Erotic Romance/Menage/MM

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Download Sacrifice by Mark Blackstone (.ePUB)

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