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Download 3 Books by Lexi Stone (.ePUB)
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Overview: Lexi Stone strives to write passionate stories that marry her Appalachian spirit to her love of romance. The result is a blend one might call moonshine 'n' madness — stories that allow defiant, stubborn and sometimes lonely characters to connect, love and fight for themselves and each other in a broken world. A happy hermit, Lexi takes infrequent breaks from writing to enjoy one-sided conversations with her cat and slightly less one-sided conversations with her husband, who quite agreeably tolerates her flights of fancy. She spends the rest of her spare time studying history, reading and traveling as much and to as many places as she possibly can.
Forced to take ballet lessons as part of his rehabilitation after a season-ending hockey injury, Chris shows up at Stafford Music and Dance Academy with a vow that this will be his only class. However, after meeting his kind but melancholy ballet instructor Arren, he suddenly finds himself interested in more than just the lessons.
As Chris struggles with ballet and Arren struggles with the painful accident that ended both his dance career and his belief in his own abilities, the two men find comfort in their growing desire for each other. Tempted by his instructor's good looks and grace Chris soon realizes that he's just the man to encourage Arren to lose his self-restraint—and to reach once more for his dreams. If that means catching Arren in the studio alone and engaging in some super hot and seriously naked therapy of his own devising, then all the better.

Ilya is a hot, bad-boy soccer star with a career-destroying reputation. He has been blacklisted for his aggressive behavior. Quinn is the trainer hired to get him back into the game he loves, but Ilya is disillusioned and mistrustful of everyone.
The first time Quinn sees Ilya, he is gut-punched by lust. The graceful, athletic Ilya attracts him as no other ever has, but to reach him, Quinn must break through the arrogant, cold persona Ilya wears. When they finally give in to their desire, the walls come down and Ilya bares his soul to the man he has come to trust and love. Quinn has found his heart’s desire, but he might lose everything if Ilya chooses to sign with a team on the other side of the country.

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Download 3 Books by Lexi Stone (.ePUB)

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