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Overview: Who Is Maggie Carpenter? Most of the time, when you read, About The Author, you discover said author has three dogs, two cats and a turtle named Harley, lives in Oregon and likes to hike with her husband of five years. Generally, the piece is written in the third person. I have no quarrel with such an expose, it's just not for me. If you are reading this I'm going to assume you really do want to know About Me, and I want to give you that, from me, personally and sincerely, so here you go.
I write about the Dominant/submissive dynamic because I am a submissive, and having experienced the thrills and spills that D/s romance offers, I don't just feel eminently qualified to do so, but I am truly, deeply and wholly passionate about it. Every second of every day it's on my mind and in my heart, which, by the way, has been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, and made shining and whole and filled with joy. Such are the highs and lows Dominance and submission can bring.
Chad, Cassie and Mickey are back in another sexy, spanking story of romance, horses, and Mickey’s canine antics.
“Wow, cowboy, you haven’t kissed me like that in a long time.”
“Nope, and that’s gonna change,” he said firmly. “You need kissin’ and you need spankin’, and that’s what you’re gonna get.”
Sassy Cassie has decided that Chad’s life is too hectic; he’s not giving her enough attention and she’s determined to change things. As she sets her plans into action an idea comes to mind, a surprise of literally mammoth proportions, but to make that surprise a reality she has to bend his rules into a pretzel. Cassie is soon reminded that while her romantic, loving cowboy is completely crazy about her, he won’t hesitate to rein her in with a trip over his knee.
Cassie is as feisty and willful as ever, and our hunky, no-nonsense cowboy does his spanking best to keep her in line. The Surprise is a story filled with romance, Chad’s unique brand of horsemanship, Cassie’s show jumping, and an abundance of panty-melting sizzling sex and discipline.

An unrequited love. An unexpected reunion.
A romantic, spanking, Dominant cowboy with a dog named Jinx, finds himself drawn to a gutsy, determined young woman; a blazing barrel racer who wears hot pink chaps and rides a gleaming black horse called Licorice.
Dot Anderson has been in crush with Matthew Montgomery since she was a skinny, awkward teenager saddled with braces, thick glasses, and short, mousey brown hair. Hanging around the cafe where he’d stop for coffee, she would pet his dog, Jinx, just to be near him, but time has passed, and the ugly duckling has blossomed into a swan. Dot has become Dusty, an enticing female with long flaxen hair and deep green eyes.
After winning the divisional barrel racing finals, she bumps into the handsome cowboy. Her feelings are as strong as ever, but he doesn’t remember her, and moments later, when he invites her out for coffee, shocked and hurt she explodes in fury.

Bridget Cooper, an assistant trainer at a small western barn, has fallen hard for horse handler and cowboy, Caden Price. Their days together are idyllic, their nights filled with torrid passion. She believes they have something special, and is stunned when she discovers him in the arms of another woman.
Strong-willed and defiant, she rebuffs his attempts to contact her, and hoping time and distance will mend her broken heart, she accepts an offer from an exclusive dude ranch several hours away. Shortly after she arrives, she is alarmed and distressed to discover that Caden is the trainer who supplies the horses.
Bridget is in for a second surprise. She is unaware that Caden has a dominant, salacious side, and is a strict disciplinarian. Finding her alone and still unwilling to hear what he has to say, he pulls her over his knee.

Can a feisty, fun-loving girl from San Francisco find love in the arms of a square-jawed, take-charge cowboy in Montana?
Crystal Morrison, a free-spirited aspiring novelist is on an adventure. Having just graduated from college, she is traveling through the country on a working holiday. Finding herself in Whitefish, Montana, she is captivated by it’s stunning lake and majestic mountains.
Never having lived through a white winter she decides it’s the perfect place to hang her hat until spring, but when she meets a ruggedly handsome rancher by the name of Clay Parker, her stay in the picturesque town suddenly takes an erotic and exciting twist.
Clay finds the spunky city girl quite the handful, and after several weeks he shows the young woman that certain lines cannot be crossed. To her shock he pulls her over his knee and delivers a quick, stinging spanking, but after he kisses her fervently then marches from her house, she discovers he has left her with more than a hot bottom.
His astonishing attention has stirred something inside her, something that will not let her sleep, and though it’s late she calls him to apologize for her bad behavior. He invites her to his lakeside cottage, and though she has refused his invitation in the past, she accepts, and the following morning, filled with anticipation, she sets off to meet him.

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Download Cowboys After Dark series by Maggie Carpenter (.ePUB)

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