Hot Night with the Knight by Vivica Dorn (.MOBI) download

Download Hot Night with the Knight by Vivica Dorn (.MOBI)
  • Upload date: 30-12-2017, 19:07
  • Category: Erotic
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Overview: Cedric Green never wanted to be a squire. He is a farmer by trade, a big lad from birth, with a green thumb and a deep love for animals. However, when his parents die and the local magistrate takes back his family's farm to pay old debts, Cedric, aged 21 and looking for a new path, finds himself entangled with the most legendary, battle-hardened, and unpredictable knight in the Kingdom of Leiftenshire - Sir Bailey Blaxton. At first, Cedric is shocked by the knight. Based on the many legends and tales he has heard, he assumed the knight to be huge, swarthy, and old. What he finds instead is a young, graceful, slender soldier, beautiful as the stars. Sir Blaxton, true to his capricious reputation, takes on the untrained Cedric as his new squire. As the two get to know each other during the heated ravages of war, they begin to struggle with the intensity of the desire they feel for each other, a desire that neither man nor sword could hope to abate...
Genre: Erotic MM

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Download Hot Night with the Knight by Vivica Dorn (.MOBI)

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