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Author: Nikolay Elenkov  |  Isbn: 9781593275815  |  File size: 9.2 MB  |  Year: 2014  |  Pages: 432  |  Language: English  |  File format: PDF  |  Category: IT ebooks

There are more than one billion Android devices in use today, each one a potential target. Unfortunately, many fundamental Android security features have been little more than a black box to all but the most elite security professionals - until now.

In Android Security Internals, top Android security expert Nikolay Elenkov takes us under the hood of the Android security sys­tem. Elenkov describes Android security archi­tecture from the bottom up, delving into the imple­mentation of major security-related components and subsystems, like Binder IPC, permissions, cryptographic providers, and device administration.

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Download Android Security Internals

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